Ulterior Motive is a new Alliance guild located on Archangel (feenix private server). We consist of mostly New Zealanders and Australians however we openly accept those from other countries that are able to play during similar times. Note that being a private server there is no subscription costs (yay), and while everything is set up as "Blizzlike" the only difference is that there is a 14x experience buff to help you level quickly (yay again)

The guild was created with the aim of completing all of the raid content Burning Crusade has to offer from Karazhan to Sunwell Plateau.

We currently have one group in Karazhan and are looking for more players to fill out our second Kara group and get into 25 mans. There will be 2 official 4 hour raids run each week at a time yet to be decided (but suitable for those in the Oceanic region) with the possibility for additional unofficial raids if there is demand for it. Loot will be handled using a system that is still under review but attendance will be a key factor.

Previous raid experience is favoured but not required, we simply ask that you come ready and willing for each raid. We have a Vent server and encourage a healthy social environment as much as a raid focused one.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to roll a character and join us.

Information about downloading and joining the server can be found simply by googling "archangel feenix download"

Please speak to Desparto or Doyllido ingame to ask any questions or for an invite.

Hope to see you soon!