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    Macro help

    I've been playing around with my druid lately and was trying to make some macros to reduce keybinds. I couldn't get one to work how I wanted and came here to ask for help.

    Basically I want to consolidate Lifebloom and Entangling Roots into the same macro. I want it to go through this priority if possible.

    1) Entangling Roots if mouse-over is an enemy
    2) Entangling Roots if target is an enemy
    3) Lifebloom if mouse-over if friendly
    4) Lifebloom if target if friendly
    5) Lifebloom myself if nothing above is met.

    Is it even possible to do something like this? If it is, I was going to do the same for Faerie Fire and rejuvenation. Anything special I need to do for FF (I remember there was something different about FF in the past when putting it in macros).

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    /cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Entangling Roots; [@mouseover,exists,help][@target,exists,help][@player] Lifebloom
    There are the basics, but I'm not exactly sure on the order or layout they should go. I'm sure someone else can fix it though.
    Edit: That works.

    And yes it is possible, and for the FF/Rejuve.
    /cast [@mouseover,exists,harm] Faerie Fire; [@mouseover,exists,help][@player] Rejuvenation
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    Thank you. I'll try it out then servers come back up.

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