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    [TV] Star Trek: TNG and up

    Is there a safe, LEGAL, website I can watch old episodes of TNG, DS9, and Voyager?

    It has been a while since I watched them, and I just got into STO and now I am feeling the need to re-watch these again.
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    there are a lot of episodes here.

    Edit: hmm... It looks like the only watchable episodes are from the original and Enterprise.

    Edit 2: It looks like Netflix has all of the episodes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waaldo View Post
    Edit: hmm... It looks like the only watchable episodes are from the original and Enterprise.
    and the cartoon! cool docs and such too. I'll have to bookmark that for later

    Legal way? probably not. Netflix would be your best bet.

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    All 5 series of start trek are on Netflix.

    TNG is my fallback show atm.

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    amazon prime has all the series as well

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