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    Cause as a raider, I strive to get the most out of my character, which includes enchants and expensive trinkets. I droped 90k gold on the first week of Darkmoon Faire to get myself a DMC card, another 40-50k on BoE epics, and about 60k on just food and consumables. I still sit on 320k left. Do I need all this gold? No, but I don't have to farm anything for the whole expansion until we have everything on farm again and we can start doing sellruns one more to get the gold back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Lotta the new fancy mounts are pricey. The jewelcrafting mounts need 20,000 each min for a reagent, and the giant yak mount is 120,000.
    Pretty much where most gold goes, the expensive mounts and people buying BoE's to get gear because they don't raid, or are in a progressing raid group and need the gear if it don't drop for them.

    I just know I make hundreds of thousands by selling BoEs.

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    I have a lot of gold I barely use. BMAH is dull and is shameless gold waste, cosmetic fluff like mounts and pets has no real use. Buying overpriced BoEs asap when they are available is stupid due to gear treadmill.

    I save gold for couple reasons. One of them for "black" periods - to be able to log only for raids and never farm. Other reasons are in case one of the things happens:
    1. Gold will be used to buy permanent power-ups for character, not some temporary power-ups like gear. But gold-selling and botting must be exterminated for this to work fair.
    2. Gold will become medium for real-money transactions, and tbh I can see that happening some time soon as developers try to slow down inflation this expansion (at the cost of world, which is not really rewarding at all: 10-20 copper grays from quite fat lv88-90 mobs?) and do some other things, which point at such possibility. Very likely to happen.

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    proffesion/ crafted gear/ mounts/ pets/ raiding /game time/alts -pick one

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    Crafted gear and BMAH are two places I spend my gold as a raider.

    Also, I saw someone say the Darkmoon cards are arguably as good as 489 trinkets... well, for some specs they are actually bis - better than 509 trinkets even. The darkmoon trinkets have a good return on investment, unlike a lot of other crafted gear.

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    I use it for the basics, repairs gems enchants and what not.
    but I also am using it for mounts that need insane mats still, or even the black market mounts / pets / items.

    I also spent gold on my DMC as well.
    I am sitting at 160k
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    To purchase lovely gold sinks, of course.

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    I'm a mountwhore, and Blizzard decided that mounts should be a gold sink.

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    Just to clear something up, no one "needs" it. we want it.
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    Lots of profession mounts are expensive, leveling professions in general and if people like to collect mounts, the TCG mounts aren't exactly cheap either.

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