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    Pets not summoning always when I respawn

    Anyone else? Half the time my pet doesn't summon when I respawn, so I have to sit there and cast it for 5 seconds just to sacrifice it. Yay fun. It's been 8 years since release and Blizz still hasn't fixed this problem?

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    It's been like this for me since the MoP patch in Cata. They should fix this as well as always give you more resources when you resurrect. Starting with no pet and 0 soul shards is really frustrating.

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    If you have a pet Sac'd when entering a BG the game doesn't think you have a pet out (because you don't) so it doesn't give you one when you spawn. The way to get around this is have a pet out when you enter the BG then Sac it when you are in. You will then spawn with whatever pet you had out so you just need to sac it again.

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