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    There's nothing about this expansion that is better than any of the others. On an innovation level it's as lacking as Cataclysm, on story even more. Cataclysm they retconned DW's death out of Warcraft 2, in this one they actually turned a joke into a playable joke.

    But if you miss the PVP and/or the people posting Recount in chat every 5 minutes in a raid, then there's still plenty of that, for only 15$ a month, and your soul.

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    10 vs 25 trying to poke its head out again he asked if it was worth coming back to wow or not not what ppl's opinions on 10 vs 25 are there's a billion threads on that already

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    If you enjoy being "milked" by Blizz just feel free to resubscribe.

    Game is more or less the same with different skins, but the company behind it is getting greedier and nastier each day.

    Just my thought. -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chry View Post
    I included Cataclysm because it's the same model that MoP follows.

    Also, I take it you never raided in Wrath? The 10 mans in Wrath were far different from 10 mans in MoP. For one, the difficulty was not on par with 25 man, making it far more casual friendly. Of course this led to "lesser" gear, but I was okay with that. Another difference is the fact that they had separate lockouts (10 & 25) meaning that 10 mans attracted all kinds of people; casuals, hardcore, softcore, etc.

    Overall it was a great system that allowed casuals to experience what a real raid is like, while offering some benefits for all
    I did raid back then but however I did forget about the differences, my bad. But overall I'm happy with the way raiding is this Tier for casuals. For me, I have normals and LFR, which yes they are little bit mindless but 10 man Wrath raids were also pretty mindless. In the first tier I was tanking on my DK in Naxx with no clue what I was doing because I had little knowledge of the class. Yeah it was great with the separate lockouts but Blizz is learning the lesson and are slowly bringing them back. Asian servers already have them and hopefully all the other servers will too.

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    I actually just transfered to uldaman (Alliance Side). I would advise against any realms with much lower pop... Raiding was dead 100% on the realm I left.

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    You could play MoP for a month and experience Pandaria. Personally, I found questing to be the best it's been since... well since I felt mmo's were new so that says a bit. The lack of flying makes you appreciate the world (and your flying... horse or whatever) and I thought that was a good change. PVP is adjusted somewhat with the new resil/power system, I've enjoyed it casually minus some warriors... err... balance issues. Dailies are repetitive (Haha you expected something else, /funnyface) so I do them sparingly, I'm hoping I can experience the story behind Wrathion and the later content in 5.2 in spite of the fact that I don't raid seriously (LFR cruise control ftw) just to see how they flesh out this expansion.

    I've become greatly disillusioned with the past two expansions of ZOMG THAR BE BIG EVIL THING, WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO DESTROY THE EVIL POWER. World of Warcraft should be a story about, yknow, War /smileyface. Garrosh is one of my favorite characters now (in spite of his one directional lunacy and the fact that I play alliance) just because he's not afraid to cannonball the kiddy pool because HE CAN. I'm looking forward to the patches in pandaland and I would throw my vote to yes it's worth it to come back, even if only to see it.

    Heck, I bought Final Fantasy 11 again for 15$ to trial play it for a month earlier this year on a nostalgia binge, there's nothing wrong with looking at the past once in awhile to remind yourself about what you love in video games.
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