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    Well in general hunters are super bad at RBG

    They cant def, or carry flags

    The only think they can do is tons of damage (The problem well patch 5.1 nerf BM and Surv and MM still sucking balls) so we are like our 3 specs are nerfed as hell

    i dont recommend to carry more than 2 hunters in your group

    they can be helpful with flare traps and health debuffs

    If any hunter in you group its a BM, they should use devilsaur pet (he has health debuff plus 5% crit buff for party)

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    From my xp (1700 rating, meh) Hunters are doing fine in rbg's, I'm consistently in the top 3 dps while target calling (Eugh -.-) and while tracking and calling out cc.
    Hunters Imo can compete, just not as well as other classes.
    We're decent when it comes to flag defence, I have cunning specced pets for fc roar of sacrifice, and constantly give fc's master's call.

    That being said, I feel I do more damage on my dreadful geared lock vs my hunter who has malevolent gear + weapon.
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    Im playing a hunter at 2k rating - rbg at this moment

    I find myself in a useless spot. My damage is sometimes extreemly high, sometimes its garbage.
    When defending i notice i can solo other players very easily and depending on what is attacking i can hold it of for quite some while, but not as long as other classes might (DK-tanks).
    I can't peel enough from our FC and I can't put on any good CC because my range is utter shit on it.

    My mage is now getting geared so i can actually bring something to the fight/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kildragon View Post
    Hey all, I'm running with this semi steady RBG group right now and I was just wondering where Hunters are supposed to be on the meters at this point. We have 2 Hunters with us and they don't seem to be putting out a lot of damage. Are they supposed to be far behind Locks, Mages, and DK's in damage? They hurt in Arena but is it the same for RBG's. Also, is BM the only viable spec for RBG's or are the other two competitive at all?
    Well I can say as a Geared SV hunter, depending on my role, as a focus kill squad single target on a healer for instance, will pull 20K consistantly, if im guarding a node and spamming multi-shot on the flag I'll top out around 30K depending on # of targets trying to cap. but overall, I rarely will pull less than 12 million overall damage up to 15 mil. Sounds like ur hunters are all BM's to me!

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    Honestly, half the time I'm on my hunter in rbgs, I treat it like a utility/support class m ore then a pure damage dealer.

    I will swap out glyphs specifically in flg bgs for example, (8 sec masters call) to assit the FC. along with choosing pets that better aid the team, if they are caster heavy, Ill use my moth/silencing.. melee heavy and ill use my spider/binding shot etc..

    there is alot of options available to hunters through pets. I tend to worry about others more then myself for eg.. before I start to 'nuke' a target, unless our rogue is around, Ill simply widow venom it to be safe. conc shot it to snare, root if i can, cc a healer if nearby... THEN start battering it :P

    RBG's are about teamplay and integration.. not personal numbers. I understand what you are saying completely, that you just want a benchmark.. but even that, looking at numbers for an rbg as performance.. it just doesnt make sense :P

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    Nice necro.
    My hunter is the genetic love child of Liam Neeson, the Dos Equis guy and Chuck Norris. You lose.

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