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    What alt do you mainly play?

    So hunter is my main and has been for a long time. But i like to play a different class along side it, what class/spec do you mainly play besides hunter and why?

    Mine was Frost dk, just wanted to play melee. But rerolling Ele shaman now, chain lightning spam! Having the option to heal is also pretty nice.

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    My main is a monk, I don't really have a "Main alt" I do enjoy my pally more than my ele shaman. Though I mostly pvp. Raiding is different like you said, chain lightning ftw

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    My only other 90 is currently a guardian druid, was my first ever alt, always loved tanking on it, though I do dabble in resto as well.

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    My main is a resto shaman, my main alt is a rogue, apparently I play him enough to make wowprogress think it is my main...

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    Main char: Disc Priest
    Alts during WoTLK/Cataclysm but abandoned now: Mage, Rogue, Feral Druid
    Alt during early MoP but not sure about its future: Hunter
    Current active alt: Monk (BM/WW). So. Much. Fun. Possibly becoming main char soon.

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    My main alt is a blood DK, because I find pure DPS to be constricting at times, and I like tanking. Hunter is the first pure DPS class I've played, and I don't know how pure DPS folks can only have one toon they play. It gets so boring after awhile.

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    Protection warrior. Love tanking, but the main will always be the hunter, rolled him in classic and will always be the first true love.

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    Hunter main, Resto Shaman alt. Guild has been making my Resto Shaman go DPS in our alt runs lately.. Screw them, I heal to have a break from DPSing. Not to mention reforging costs, extra pieces for better Elemental stats, learning extra things on my alt.. I just want to dumb down to play one thing on my alt..
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    Hunter technically _is_ my alt at the moment, as he's only 88. I have a 90 warlock and monk, but I tend to zero-in on one class at a time so they are both sitting idle while the hunter levels. I have a real hard time sticking with one toon, even though I tend to DPS on whatever I play. I took the monk to 90, because hey - it is smart to have a toon that can do all roles, right? But then I'm not motivated to move away from WW, because that's what does well for dailies and such.

    That's actually a big reason I'm working up the hunter now - though I lose heal/tank specs, I'm "well rounded" in everything else. One set of gear will let me do dailies, raid, solo, pet collect, etc. And if I ever do get bored and need to heal/tank, I can use the monk and focus _entirely_ on that and not worry about dual gear, reforging, etc., or even soloing/dailies.

    And by the time my hunter hits 90, I'll have some excuse for leveling up some other class and I'll have 3 90s sitting around

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    First alt i leveled was my Prot warrior. Tanked alot of Alt raids. Love to tank but i also enjoy pvping with my warrior. Just charging around, leaping in groups of people, intervening back. Its the best. I do agree with Jeremy is saying, really nice to get away from DPSing for a change.

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    It depends a bit, as a alt I prefer my DK which I play Blood/Frost on (mostly used for soloing/duoing) and I do LFR and the occasional alt run with, but if I were to pick one of my alts to reroll with I would pick my hpally, and heal 10 man. Both of these characters have at one point been my main and I feel I can play them all quite well. In DS I also raided on my shadow priest which I really enjoyed (just been to lazy to level it up to 90)

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    My main is a Protection Warrior and when I play an alt that CAN tank I normally tank with them and I try to level up those first.
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    Right now my primary alt is a Brewmaster Monk, but I play Windwalker quite a bit too. Historically most of my alts have been DPS with healing offspecs, but in MoP I've really enjoyed tanking on both the BrM and DK.

    Also have a Mage, DK, and Shaman at 90 that I don't play much anymore.

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    Hunter, but i find all classes fun and interesting. My main is a druid.

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    My main would be my mage, as i am in heroic progression with him. But i would swap to another toon if needed,

    I play lots of my alts, monk, pally, rogue and warrior. All above 480 ilvl, with main being 515 and monk being 500.

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    WW/Brewmaster Monk and Boomy/Resto Druid atm.

    Also have a Warrior and a Rogue but they're mostly crafting alts atm.

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    My first alt was a disc priest back in WoTLK. I did all of my achievements on her as well, prior to account wides.
    I also have a Resto Sham and BM Monk that had cleared MoP content pre-patch (shaman had quite a few hm's down too).

    I'm actually a much much better healer, but I enjoy my hunter so much more.

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    Got a monk tank which I keep up to date incase my guild need extra tank for any reason.

    Also got druid, priest, dk at 80-85 (boosted all the way, doing some RAFs).

    I dont do much on my alt except crafting daily imperial silk and valor capping to buy 522.

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    Kinda got 2 mains, mage/blood dk my "alt" is an resto shaman and 1 of my alts im currently lvling at any given point

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    I play a frost/blood dk as an alt.

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