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    Spectral Tiger Cub at the Blizzard Store

    So I've checked my pet list and I was surprised to see 2 spectral tiger cub. So I've looked the source of each, and it will be apparently a pet from the store.

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    interesting and thanks for this post.

    I have the swift spectral tiger and always wanted to get that cub and was thinking about buying it off ebay,, now i will just sit back and relax and wait for it to hit the store

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    I think it's great giving alternatives to such *expensive* TCG loot, I own the cub and a spectral tiger mount and adore them both, however, I feel bad for my friend that bought me the cub pet, they aren't cheap, and for them to give an exact lookalike through the blizzstore for what I will assume will be way way cheaper than TCG cards go for, is a bit wrong imo.

    Now if it was a recolour or had diff armour etc, I can get behind that totally. But the exact same item.. well I think my friends hoping its just a place holder for maybe a Xeun Cub or something (which would also be awesome! hehe)

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