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    Bump for your search, good luck on the circlet/helm and gloves!
    Haven't touched WoW in almost 3 years...I'm happy to say I'm finally off it. I did just pick up GW2 though...

    i5-3570k quadcore @ 3.4ghz - 24gb DDR3 - 128gb SSD Boot Drive / 2x 1TB SSD (raid0) - Radeon 4gb 290x, 3 24-inch HD displays, dual bonded 1GB network links to my home cisco network lab

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    Any Helms out there guys?

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    ill keep an eye out for you on malganis US since you're so crazy invested....

    shine on you crazy diamond

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    The legs are listed on Korgath with long duration.

    I am also looking for the plagueheart robe(lock t3 chest), will give 5k to whoever can point me to a US server that has one listed. I will keep an eye out for the hood, gl!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
    Wish I had known this yesterday. They were on Dentarg US and I don't believe they got a bid.

    I also saw Plagueheart Robes on Illidan AH a few weeks ago Wish I made this post earlier

    PM me your bnet info, OP. I see Frostfire quite a good bit, and most of the time it doesn't get bids. One of the benefits to being on a low population server.
    I also saw Plagueheart Robes on Illidan AH a few weeks ago Wish I made this post earlier

    PM sent. Thanks for you support!

    And thanks for everyone's continued support!

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    Found my helm and my bid is in. Less than 12 hours to go! Wish me luck guys! Could NOT have done it without you. My gratitude cannot be described in words. You are all good souls.

    EDIT!Ok guys. I just wont the Frostfire Circlet on Kel'thuzad. Thanks to Kevin on Kel'thuzad and a SPECIAL thanks to Babzy on Kel'thuzad for informing me basically the second it went up on the Black Market. The Helm I've been longing for for years is now mine. To be honest I didn't think I was going to get much of a response to this thread, but I was amazed. I'm still in need of the gloves, but I don't need to go after them right away as I'm quite content with what I'm packing right now . However, if you do see the gloves on your server (US) please let me know. Thanks a lot everyone for your help and continued support. There is no way I could have achieved my goal without you guys. I appreciate it so much. Y'all are rock stars, and right now I certainly feel like one Thanks again everyone
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