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    Who is your favorite character in Warcraft, out of the current (living) characters?

    that means no Groms, Arthases, etc. Only characters who aren't dead.

    Undead are allowed tho. obviously.

    I'd go with Tyrande or Sylvanas.

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    the character I play with ofcourse

    I would go with Thrall (since Cairne is no more)

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    Probably me. I'm an awesome warcraft character.

    OT - Probably Garrosh.. Aside from the hate that he gets, he's a very likable guy.. I mean, you can't help but just love to hate him. And, he's made more of an impression in 1 expansion than Thrall ever did. Lazy bones Go'el.

    Edit - Damn, curry beat me by probably a couple of seconds lol.

    Aveline's amazing work!

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    Shandris Feathermoon

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    Grand Magister Rommath, proof that Blizzard can still write compelling, sympathetic, yet flawed characters with a lot of potential.

    Well... proof Sarah Pine can do that, I suppose, but Blizzard is doing a very good job with him in 5.1.
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    Vol'jin or Thrall.

    Does Magni count as living?

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    i think i would have to go with wrathion Or if he does not count id go with Vol'jin

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    Thrall easily

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    Rexxar, Champion of the Horde

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenosege View Post
    that means no Groms, Arthases, etc. Only characters who aren't dead.

    Undead are allowed tho. obviously.

    I'd go with Tyrande or Sylvanas.
    lo'gosh aka the high king of the alliance aka varian wrynn
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    Thrall, always. The one true warchief.


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    Elling Trias, the finest cheesemonger in Azeroth.

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    Does Flintlocke count?

    Love Vol'Jin and Sylvanas. Recently Lilian Voss. A heap of goblins, especially Assistant Greely...

    Developing a fondness for Anduin on the Alliance side. Soft spot for Tyrande though she hasn't done anything since Warcraft III! And every single Dwarf. Probably a buttload of gnomes I've forgotten too...

    Kind of love Tholo and Anren's bromance. And everyone in Fiona's caravan! Also Zazzo Twinklefingers (if you've done the Rogue legendary quest chain you'll remember him!). Tirion Fordring, who was good and all in Wrath but when I think Tirion Fordring I think of him in that amazing quest chain in Eastern Plaguelands (sadly gone now QQ).

    Mr Smite RIP (the compass finally dropped for me last week <3). Velinde Starsong oddly enough given she's never appeared in game except in a flashback that's now removed!

    Okay but if I have to name one character out of all WoW (and Warcraft), it has to be Garona. I've been playing since Warcraft I so... yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triptych View Post
    Elling Trias, the finest cheesemonger in Azeroth.
    Ooh yes. Rogues are so cheesy!
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    Sylvanas or Azshara

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    Kael'thas Sunstrider. BECAUSE I HAVE FAITH IN SETBACKS!

    I just like the Blood Elf bunch. Lor'themar, Rommath, Aethas, Halduron. Also, Sylvanas.
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    Sylvanas because I like her story. Summed up quite well in the Silverpine Horde questline.

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    Varian Wrynn because he is just straight badass. Also, his short story that Blizzard released awhile ago really got me into him.

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    roast beef Hamuul Runetotem.

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    Garrosh is the character I'm currently most interested in. Seeing how it all plays out for him in the end - I'm hoping for a Doomhammer-type end, where he winds up imprisoned and later escapes and goes through growth, etc. Be a waste of a good character if he just outright dies. Also looking forwards to seeing things shake out with Koltira.

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    I like Vol'jin myself, mostly for the threats he made against Garrosh at some point. My pool of characters I actually know is kind of limited.

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