"Say Pls" its a newly formed guild on Emeriss.
Its porpose is to have fun as general, but also play the game at a semi-hardcore level when its possible, more casual level when its not possible.

Even if the guild is just formed, we are few players that have a lot of World of Warcraft experience, playing in a top 200 world guild previosly, at a pretty hardcore level, so in this matter we do know what to do and how to run things arround, in order to have a bit of progress and enough fun.

Our porpose is to have a certain ammount of raids (with the speed and quality we can, as we are people that have real life jobs during the day). If by mistake or any chances, we also kill some bosses and do some nice progress, well, then we gonna be happy about it ofc, and keep progressing.

We have established ourself as a 3-4 raiding day guild, but we also can agree that in certain weeks where we feel we have more free time and we can do a bit of nice progress, we gonna raid maybe 5 days / week (even tho we arent considering it a must).

To summarize this, read bellow :

Raiding days and times :
Wendsday 19:00 - 23:00 server time
Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 server time
Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 server time (sometimes optional)
Monday 19:00 - 23:00 server time
Tuesday 19:00 - 23:00 server time (sometimes optional)

"Sometimes optional" means, in case we have problems to sustain the raid, we may need to cancel it, even if we would like not to, and we expect our people to be online.

What we can recruit atm, is few players that we can consider them a good addition to our raid :

- 1 Druid - prefferably ( boomking , resto or DSP)
- 1 Warlock
- 1 Shaman (elem / resto)
- 1 Mage
- 1 Monk - Tank or DPS
- 1 Warrior - tank or DSP
- Any other class and specc that want to play with us, its also free to have a chat with us, we are open for any good players arround.

As far as our casual status goes ( or semi-casual, maybe semi-hardcore, how you want to name it, depends for each player), we still have some serious requierements about the raid, in case you want to participate to it. That means, you have to at least meet the next conditions :

* Gear is not important, but its good to have at least most of the heroic upgrades.

* To know what you do and your class and specc. We dont have to learn you how to play a certain class, u should know your class at best, with all the speccs, or at least 2 of them. Understanding of your rotation for dps, or just cooldowns for both dps and healers is a must.

* To not miss raids. Its ok to have certain problems, some serious situations that you need to leave now and then (not very often), but as far as i consider, we raid at a pretty relaxed level and that means, u can have plenty of free time for rest of your activities except raiding, so i consider being online at an announced raid, is a must.

* To be prepared for raid. In begining of each expansion, usualy its harder to have all the flasks and buffs needed, all the enchants completely ready, but while this is understandable, in time you should proove yourself a very organised person, and at least to be fully prepared for the raid.

* Most important of them all : to know the encounters we have done and are on farm, we are working on, and we intend to work on. Inside out ! All the abilities of the bosses, even if you are healer or dps, u should know what tanks need to do and. All the details of a fight, everything that stand for a fight. We are willing to help you before any raid for that, so dont be afraid to ask us, but also do NOT come unprepared to a raid.

That being said, if you are willing to play with us, you can contact and find us on Emeriss. You can look for Inodora, Aidda, Tashia, Adiyo, Sufarstar, Mirondk on our realm, or just access our web page -