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    3/6H [25m]<Months Behind> [US-Eredar, EST] LF Tank, Heals!

    <Months Behind>, monthsbehind.us

    Server: US-Eredar
    Server type: PVP
    Faction: Horde
    Time zone: EST
    Apply: monthsbehind.us/forums/

    What we're looking for:
    - TANKS: prot pally, prot warr, or brew monk
    - HEALS: a resto shaman or priest
    - RANGED: boomkin!

    If you're a good anything, however, your application will receive consideration. We like being around cool and talented people, and will try to make room for you if we can!

    To be considered you'll need relevant experience from the current/last tier (more exp. preferred ofc, i.e. previous expacs), be geared correctly for progression, and have a propensity for jellybeans. Blah blah blah you're going to apply anyway, aren't you? *sigh*

    Anyway, you'll also need a stable computer and internet connection, as well as Mumble (see: mumble.sourceforge.net/ - DO NOT GO TO MUMBLE.COM). You'll need a microphone too - we don't raid mute!

    What will you be getting into?
    <Months Behind> was created on US-Eredar on January 6, 2006. Yup. We were a raiding guild from the start, and in WoW we're going to continue to be a raiding guild well into the future. Tick off "Longevity".

    More than that: our guys don't just raid for epics and passing the time - we enjoy giving back to the community as well. Our guild was featured in the documentary "The Raid", and while we all know our GM Lore is kind of a big deal on Tankspot and Gamebreaker.tv, several of our members like to put out their own strategy & class guides as well. Oh and boss kill videos, plenty of boss kill videos!

    While raiding and being involved with WoW is how you get INTO the guild, what you end up getting out of it is so much more. The people here really enjoy playing games together, whether it's WoW, LoL, Hot-Steam-Game-Of-The-Month, or even drunkenly logging onto iSketch.net in the wee hours of the morning ;D In all seriousness though, there's being accepted to raid in the guild, and then there's really *being part of the guild* - we want people who'll be part of the guild.

    When we do it:
    8:00pm - 12:00am (midnight)
    Tues, Sun, Mon. Less during farm.

    How we've been doing:
    3/6 Heroic MSV (keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' what)
    6/6 HOF
    4/4 TES

    -If you want to join MB to get loot, you're not who we're looking for. We raid because we enjoy raiding, not because we like epics. Chances are very high you won't be receiving much, if any, loot for the first few weeks you're in the guild. If that's not acceptable, save yourself and us some time and don't bother applying.
    -If you want to join MB to get carried through content, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you don't think researching your spec is important, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you don't have the best possible gems and enchants on all of your gear, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you don't feel like working for your raid spot, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you think showing up on time, repairing your gear, and having proper consumables are optional, you're not who we're looking for.

    See us live!: twitch.tv/devolore
    Progress: wowprogress.com/guild/us/eredar/Months+Behind

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    time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'... into the future

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    that voodoo, voodoo, what you don't dare do

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    it's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up - everything is f---ed, everybody sucks

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    shoulda left my pants on this time

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    he said "i'm fabulously rich - c'mon let's just go"; she kinda bit her lip, "yeah i don't know"

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    comin' up i ain't had much but i wanted a lot; had paper for a hooptie but i wanted a drop. so you know, i had to make somethin' outta nothin'

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    so turn them on! turn them on! turn on those sad songs... when all hope is gone, you know sad songs say so much

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