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    That is a personal choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    DK, Druid, Hunter

    I've been hearing good things about brewmaster monks but have yet to try one out. Dunno how prot paladin compares to guardian, especially with HotW making ranged fights somewhat trivial for druids.

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    It's helpful but prot warriors aren't going to be soloing ICC stuff anytime soon, whereas nearly every class mentioned has killed a boss at 85.

    Edit: Well I'll be damned, a prot warrior did 10 man Marrowgar pre-5.0 patch but not seeing anything else of ICC Prot solo pre-5.0
    why does it matter if they did it pre-5.0?
    prot warriors are pretty awesome at old content now with shieldbar+SW

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    What's wrong with warriors exactly? I soloed 3 timed ZA as prot in DPS gear without flasking, and even went on to kill Drakkara with the same setup in 2 attempts. They can either outheal damage on older content with Second Wind or get ridiculous self-healing from adds/trash with Victory Rush.
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    What parts of personal life were dropped to achieve this "world first"? What sleep patterns were used/abused? Did the raiders eat and drink properly during said "progress"? ... These are important questions that should be addressed before we even start "admiring" that world first.
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    Demo locks are pretty awesome. You can go pet or petless, tank or DPS. Amazing AoE, and decent self-healing.

    I actually feel much sturdier on my demo lock than on my ret pally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    why does it matter if they did it pre-5.0?
    prot warriors are pretty awesome at old content now with shieldbar+SW
    Not saying that warriors aren't a worthwhile class to solo on, but nearly every class can solo 10 man WotLK raid or older stuff now. It really just boils down to what content you want to solo. Nearly all pre-raid MoP bosses that drop a mount are soloable by every class (Al'akir is the only one I can think of that is limited to just tanks w/ dps gear) either because of the mechanics of the fight or because the self-hps requirement is very minor at 90. If all you're interested in are the new battle pets or mounts you missed out on, pick whichever class you want and have fun.

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    I do kind of lean toward Paladin, more so than a Hunter. Mostly just because it can be a variety of roles, since I don't plan on just solo 100% of the time. The one thing I like about hunters, is having a pet by my side and I kind of like ranged more than melee...but I did always like the Paladin class in games. But I'm mostly going at it just for the challenge of trying to solo a trying to get mounts and stuff that sometimes nice. And the achievements. I'm not really doing it for any other reason. Well that, and sometimes I just like chatting and not worrying about my role in a group. Sometimes groups feel like they rush through stuff, and sometimes I like taking my time.

    Think I may make the paladin level 80...I may make a hunter alt, but having a variety of roles does seem rather nice. Thanks for all the help everyone

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