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    [h] us thrall - tmc 9/10h lfm

    Hello MMO-Champion!!!! The Misfit Clan is actively seeking members to help us rebuild our raid team. Yes, I said rebuild. After some key members of our raid team decided to seek other venues in which to raid, we have been left in quite the pickle. Before our little exodus, we were 9/10 H BRF with progression on Blackhand to P2 consistently.
    So you may be asking yourself why you should just join up with TMC at this point. Well, it's not for everyone. Below is information about us, what/who we are, what we expect of our raiders, so on and so forth.

    The Important Stuff
    Raid Days - Monday/Tuesday (maybe changing to Wednesday depending on group consensus)
    Raid Times - 8 to 11 PM EST
    What we seek: DPS (ranged or melee of any class/spec), and 2-3 Healers of any class/spec
    Contacts - Shieldlove (Hillbillydan#1260), Vicmancini, Isuckatnames, Bronti
    Website -

    Who We Are
    We are a guild of friends, family members, gamers, and most of all people. Our leadership has played WoW together for more than five years across many guilds and two different servers. We transferred to Thrall about two years ago because our previous server (Tanaris) was basically a ghost town.

    What We Are
    We are a guild that loves to have a great time playing WoW together. We have fun sitting in Mumble giving each other crap and laughing. We have an environment in our guild like no other. We are more of a close knit family than a guild. We enjoy all aspects of the game and have members that actively PvP, raid, pet battle, play the AH, run old content, run around Ashran nekkid, and those who just want nothing more than to BS with a group of likeminded people.

    What We Expect
    Raiders are expected to have 100% raid attendance or face a firing squad! Ok, that's a lie. We understand that people have lives outside of the game. We would love for you to make every raid, but if you can't that's ok. A heads up to one of the officers/raid leader and you're square. We expect our raiders to come to raid with their heads on straight, to be able to breathe while playing WoW, and to have fun. Knowledge of your class/spec is a plus but we will help you learn if need be. We are no elitist here at TMC. We expect you to know fights and to come prepared. We expect you to be drama free, have a good attitude, and generally don't be a menace to us or the WoW community as a whole.

    What You Can Expect
    You can expect to raid on:
    Monday and Tuesday (or Wednesday depending on the consensus of the group) from 8-11 PM EST. You can expect to have a metric sh!tload of fun while raiding with us. You can expect to get phat L00tz and to down bosses. You can expect to have a home, drama free with all the perks of being in an awesome guild that's triple dipped in amazing with a side of hell yeah!

    If we sound like we'd be a good fit for you, please feel free to either fill out an application on our website (listed above) or contact one of our officers (also listed above). We look forward to hearing from all the awesome a$$kickers on Thrall!
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    Update - No longer looking for a tank. We are in need of DPS and Heals now. Looking for quality players that want to have fun and down bosses!

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