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    Trash as Demo spec

    Hi fellow Locks, first time poster after several years of reading about other players issues .

    I need some help on trash when running HC's, challenge modes etc as demon-spec

    I've played destro/AFF since Vanilla, but never Demo because I've found it to complex. Now I want to learn the spec, but I cant do decent DPS :/

    How do you handle Trash in HC's? When fighting 1-3 target Ill apply corruption, doom on all targerts and keep single target rotation in caster form
    But on larger packs of fast dying mobs Im completely lost. Should I go in demonform ASAP and just spam Void Ray or stay in caster form an wait for Hand of G? And why not use Chaos wave?

    Another question, is Felstorm always used on CD or only when AOE'ing?

    I really need some help. I've played 5 other classes which rotation/playstyle I adapted fast and performed very well with, but his one I cant figure...

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    Chaos Wave's damage per fury ratio is abysmal. You should never use anything other than Doom, ToC and Immo/Void Ray (for AoE and for refreshing corruption in AoE situations respectively) in Meta form. You can only afford to use soulfire in Meta during Decimation (target health < 25%)

    For adds that die very quicky, use Hellfire. Don't bother dotting anything.

    Yes, you should be using Felstorm/Wrathstorm on cooldown - UNLESS you're anticipating a heavy AoE phase in the very close future. Double points if you have a Grimoire: Felguard ready to pop as well.

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    In challenge, if u are running for silver or gold there are massive aoe with large pack of mobs. U need to use chaos Wave's, in every situation, and remember u got some tricks to get some extra fury. For felstrom use it every pack of trash.
    If a mob dies for:
    - chaos wave's damage / dot he'll refund you with DF
    - carrion swarm (remember to glyph) he'll refund you with DF.

    I don't know if this is working right now or not, but in challenge i'm casting HoG in Human form and befor it lands on mobs i'm popping Demon form in this way hog became Chaose wave with no fury cost. This for a hidden cast time for hog and Cw (but maybe is fixed).

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    HoG, put Corr up if it's up to 3 mobs, otherwise Hellfire, second HoG while first is still ticking, Meta form with HoG in air so 2-stack Shadowflame will get boosted, ToC for up to 3 mobs or Hellifre+void ray/harvest life for more. That's how I deal with trash in Challenges. You also want Imp Swarm glyph, especially when you are needed to burst upfront without pre-build fury, like first pull in Shado-Pan.

    Chaos Wave isn't usually worth it, but since you get fury back off any killing blow you do while in meta, sometimes it lets you snipe some mobs easier than dot ticks to get instant refund. And make good use of the Carrion Swarm, 12 second cd aoe interrupt with decent damage it's amazingly OP for CMs, couple this with Shadowfury, pet stun and Blood Fear (when it's still in game ) and you can do some sick interrupting.

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    Thank you guys for the input. Ill try that tonight and hopefully kick some A$$ in HC's


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