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    Being a player who raided H t10 and t11 with a consistent 5-10 fps in 25 mans on low graphics, I can say without a doubt it starts to affect your performance anywhere under 15. Once it goes below that point your movement is very sketchy, and your inputs are a bit delayed. I played a shadow priest, and sometimes I'd accidentally clip my mind flay, but I never really had any issues with keeping my DoTs up, even with 3+ targets. But if you're a spam happy class, I would say it won't really affect you as much.
    I don't think those "spam happy classes" exist anymore. Even if they do, that is likely a gimmick on one fight or part of it, and your reaction time to mechanics is still shit.

    As a 10m raider with a AMD CPU (WoW does not even use all my cores) I find Sha/Galleon and LFR laggy but since the encounters are so faceroll my performance doesn't matter much.

    I would not want to raid seriously with under 30 FPS. The human eye can only notice 25 FPS btw (which is why PAL/NTSC are 23.99 and 25 FPS).
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    All things equal, lower FPS in most cases will result in lower DPS, where I feel 30-40 FPS is the threshold for acceptable.

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    15 fps on WW is rough thanks to the random procs from mastery. You end up losing out on classes that have either random timing procs(hello ele shaman!) or multiple procs (hello WW monks!). On classes that have fairly static rotations (ret pally) it isn't much of an issue since your goal is pretty much put everything on CD without wasting holy power. 5 fps is essentially unplayable for me, I can't even tank framerates that low.
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    I find anything under 30 to be hindering your dps. If I had 15fps I'd be more worried about raid mechanics than dps

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    It might be a bit more challenging at times, for example some things are harder to see on lowest settings (like nef 3rd phase fire on the ground), but it is perfectly possible to do competitive dps on any computer.

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    Off-topic: why the hell do you use that polearm?

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    Broken addons right after the patch caused me to run at about 5 fps. On Patchwerk fights, I lost about 20kdps. On fights like Tsulong, I lost a lot more because I couldn't get out of the fear zones. Fire mage.
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    ..... Untill kungen and his fanboys arrived
    you made me cry ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by OriginalVocalMix View Post
    I healed ICC 25 at ~2fps. It's not that bad when you're used to it.
    You should have tried Sinestra though. Or ascendant council.
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    I think lacency affects dps more.
    I used to be on a high pop server, and i couldn't get below 200ms, with my hunter i was always miles behind the other hunter in the guild, while we had about the same gear.
    Then we transfered to a low pop server, latency went back to 35ms and i was amazed by the dps i did on the same bosses.

    On both servers FPS was between 35 and 60, depending on the fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordakanen View Post
    I find that peculiar. I'd have thought DPS would be at the least risk to play with a shoddy frame rate and tanks at the highest risk because of their responsibility and need to taunt/move etc.
    Nah, I tanked Naxx 25 once on a Dell Vostro laptop with no dedicated graphics back in Wrath, at best I had 5fps... I litterally had to look at the ground the whole time. Still cleared Arachnid and Plague wings easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Пламяскверны

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    Raided half of WotLK with about 5 fps, topped dps. Think this actually made me a better player. Rest of wrath I had about 15-20, still topped dps.
    Most of cata with around 10 fps was still high on the charts(1,2)
    Not raiding with 40 fps and it dosen't feel right

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    It made a slight difference to me when I upgraded to a new PC last year. I had to run the game with everything on low with my old system and still got shitty framerates in most raids. I'm running smoothly with everything on Ultra now.

    As someone else here said, I think it makes a bigger difference on raid mechanics than DPS. The harder something bad like fire is to see, the harder it is to avoid. On my old PC, I used to die almost every time on that little walkway in Firelands right before you get to Rag because I couldn't see the safe spots to stand for avoiding those lava walls that surged up. You have to pay a lot more attention when you're running with low framerates and lower quality graphic settings.

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    casters not so much, classes that use energy will notice extreme performance loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    I would not want to raid seriously with under 30 FPS. The human eye can only notice 25 FPS btw (which is why PAL/NTSC are 23.99 and 25 FPS).
    60 fps is approximately the upper limit for human vision. 25 fps would mean 1930s quality video was right at the limit of our acuity.

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    Raiding Sindragosa 25 at 5-7 FPS, 12 or so on most other bosses, during Wrath turned my ability to spot/react to things in the raid up to godmode. When the fire hits you before you can see it, you learn to move fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagseey View Post
    Off-topic: why the hell do you use that polearm?
    Because it beats a 463 blue that I had. DPS markedly improved. It's not because I want to, but because I needed a better weapon! Elegon won't cough up the goods.

    Back on topic... Many have noted the raid awareness factor, and that's a big point, because it is damn hard to see fire when you're on minimum particles, and even now, seeing the boundaries of some abilities due to low texture resolution is killer. Imagine trying to run around on Garalon staying inside the legs, not running into the mid zone when you're running 10 fps, it's not nice.

    Another thing people mentioned is ping. Since being in Australia, I'm never going to get 50~ms, I run at about 180-200 on good days. That's just a fact and won't change until Blizzard decides we deserve Oceanic servers.

    And now again, people are mentioning upper limits on fps of what the human eye is able to see, the simple answer is that there is no limit, the eye doesn't work with fps. For instance, if you're looking out the window while you're in a car on a freeway, try focusing on a wheel spinning on a car next to you. Periodically your eye will actually be able to focus on the wheel, and you'll see what it looks like, despite how fast it's spinning. It's fleeting, but proof we can see a super high frame rate. To be able to record that you'd need hundreds or thousands of fps while recording it. Likewise, the game looks markedly more fluid in terms of animation at 60+ fps.

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    I use to freeze in H25 DS ocassionally and still managed top dps in my guild. We were ranked at the time and so was I. I was use to it and knew when it would happen (more or less) and would adjust prior to it. Also, FPS didn't matter at all compared to ping / latency. No joke 100ms can kill you its amazing.

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