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    Heather Mason(Silent Hill 3)
    Zelda (Skyward Sword)
    Phosphora(Kid Icarus Uprising)
    Sheena Fujibayashi(Tales of Symphonia)
    Midna(Twilight Princess)

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    Rikku (FFX)
    Nova (Starcraft 2)
    Tali (Mass effect)
    Rebecca (Assassin's creed 2 through 3)
    Joana (Perfect Dark/PDZ)
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    Now that the Omega DLC is released, Aria T'loak is one of the most badass females out there.
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    1. Yukari Yakumo
    2. Tear Grants (I didn't know what video to link here lol)
    3. Liara T'Soni
    4. Wynne
    5. Sona

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    Only this one. I really dont know why, but i just love her...

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    1) Tali'zorah (Mass Effect)
    2) Sylvanas (WoW)
    3) Elena Fisher (Uncharted)
    4) Christie Monteiro (Tekken)
    5) Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)

    Just some of the characters I like from various video games even if Miranda is a bitch for the most part in ME2 :P

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    No particular order:

    1) Vereesa Windrunner
    2) Jaina Proudmoore
    3) Princess Zelda (Funny I have no idea who the Queen/King is)
    4) Samus Aran
    5) Princess Peach

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    Taki (Soul Calibur)

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    1) Sarah Kerrigan (StarCraft)
    2) The Dark Mistress (Dungeon Keeper)
    3) Alyx Vance (Half Life 2)
    4) GLaDOS (Portal)
    5) Eleanor Lamb & Big/Little Sisters (Bioshock)

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    Anya- Gears of War 3
    Cortana - Halo
    Lightning - FFXIII
    Liara - Mass Effect

    These are in know specific order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lollis View Post
    2) The Dark Mistress (Dungeon Keeper)
    There's a word for Keepers like you...

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    1. Sniper Wolf
    2. Cortana
    3. Sarah Kerrigan
    4. Midna
    5. Katarina

    Sniper Wolf's death made me cry. When she said "I wasn't waiting to kill people, I've been waiting for someone to kill me. A man like you you. You're a hero... please, set me free" and Otacon ran up crying his eyes out because he was in love with her, I lost it right then and there.

    Then when Naomi dies in MGS4, and Otacon loses another woman he loves. Holy shit I feel bad for that guy.
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    Lara (tomb raider)
    Yuna (ffx)
    Chel & the not quite as heavy glados (portal)

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    Samus Aran - Metroid
    Miranda - Mass Effect
    Tida Lockhart - Final Fantasy
    Zelda - Zelda Series
    Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

    In no particular order.

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    The mass effect female shepard has always been my go-to choice, simply because Jennifer Hale's voice acting talent far outshines her male counterpart. She's absolutely amazing, brings so much weight to the character that is otherwise lost by the somehow bland, and soulless voice of the male shepard.

    Liara T'soni

    Also from mass effect and just a really great character, especially how the character changes dramatically over the course of the series.


    ALSo mass effect, a really interesting character that is involved in some of the most impressive storytelling aspects of mass effect; referring to the loyalty to her commander vs loyalty to her own people.


    Halo's coolest AI, she's always there, telling you jokes and what to do; most interestingly she becomes the substitute for Master Chief's nonexistent personality. And what do you know..It works!

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    1) Nariko - Heavenly Sword

    She is a strong and dutiful woman who sacrifices herself to save her clan. She was born under an ill omen and always considered to be a curse since she was supposed to have been born a man. As such, she never quite fit in as the clan basically blamed her for being born a woman. When an evil warlord comes knocking at her clan's door, looking to steal a magical weapon of immense power, she takes up the weapon despite knowing that using it will sap the lifeforce of the wielder. Ultimately, she is the epitome of the warrior-woman and thusly tops my list.

    2) Viconia - The Baldur's Gate Saga

    When she is first encountered in BG1, she is being chased by soldiers who want her dead, while in BG2 she is found about to be burned alive in the town square. This is because she is a Drow, a dark elf, and is considered to be evil incarnate to anyone on the surface. Both times she is rescued by the PC, but she is far from grateful. As she comes from a proud matriarchal society (cast out due to her lack of faith in the Drow deity Lolth), she has a lot of issues adjusting to life on the surface. Viconia is beautifully complex in both her personality and ideology. Throughout the games, with careful dialogue choices, you can peel back her tough exterior to see the true character underneath. This is by far the best reward and a reason she is a staple in every party I create. She is also arguably the most powerful Cleric in the game and is not afraid to speak her mind.

    3) E'lara - Hunted: The Demon's Forge

    In this game world, Elves are virtually extinct. E'lara exists as one of the last remaining Elves after her people were slaughtered by a Minotaur. She is headstrong and brash, never afraid to speak her mind or rush headfirst into battle without so much as a battleplan. Her traveling companion, Caddock, helps keep her in check and the two crack wise on each other constantly. The banter shows that E'lara, although a tough-as-nails fighter and master marksman, is a damaged soul who is haunted by the past (much as is Caddock). Her humor, fighting skills, and personality make her one of the best female leads in gaming despite being in a B-rated game (B-rated is being somewhat generous).

    4) Zhai - Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

    She is a half-drow (dark elf) / half wood elf rogue who is 1 of the 3 main characters in this game. Due to her unfortunate anscestory, she has been doomed an outcast as Drow hate all surface dwellers and everyone else hates Drow. She is first encountered locked in a wagon during a large battle, but quickly proves she is no damsel in distress as she takes advantage of an enemy's bad position and liberates herself before Rannek (the Warrior of the game) can help. She is self-reliant and headstrong, as well as slow to trust. However, due to the 3 main characters all basically being outcasts and rejects in some form, they form a strong bond throughout the game.

    5) Katarina - League of Legends

    As the daughter of a General in the Noxian army, she received extensive training in the arts of assassination. As with Nariko, she is a warrior who is not only unafraid of physical confrontation, but rather she relishes in it. Although there is no official romantic relationship between Katarina and the Demacian state-rival Garen, fan-canon pretty much dictates that these two have competative love-respect for one another that has a dash of Romeo/Juliet forbidden love.

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    Angela girl dressup
    Sweet Girl Dress
    Yellow cock coloring
    Princess Coloring Game
    Emo Girl Fight

    Please post constructively and not spam.
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    1 - Any female character I create, they seem to be fun. + Points if they have a voice actress.
    2 - Bayonetta
    3 - Juliet Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw
    4 - Aria from Mass Effect series, just don't fuck with her.
    5 - Lightning, yea yea...

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    1) Jack (ME2)
    2) Morrigan (DA)
    3) Kerrigan (SC)
    4) Nix (inFamous 2)
    5) Cortana (Halo)

    Hate all princess like girls (Anime/Japan games). Bitchs rule the party.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OmniSkribe View Post
    1) Jack (ME2)
    2) Morrigan (DA)
    3) Kerrigan (SC)
    4) Nix (inFamous 2)
    5) Cortana (Halo)

    Hate all princess like girls (Anime/Japan games). Bitchs rule the party.
    I'm still not sure if I liked Morrigan or not. She has good character development and all but... I dunno, I'm just on the fence on that one.
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