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    (PVE) Resto help needed

    Hi there, our guild is currently struggling to make progress with our healing core. We can't seem to find the issue so we're
    hoping that the forums would be able to.
    Any logs from NOV 14th on would be best, as that's when our healing core is together as one was on vacation.
    I'll be making an individual post in each class forum for each one, so if you have knowledge of another class feel free to help out!
    Any advice and/or opinions and are extremely appreciated. Just want our raiders to play to their full potential.

    Thank you very much for your time!!

    If having issues with the links, our guild is Insomnia on the Kel'thuzad server. And our Rsham is Elemént

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/206342/ Logs

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...%a9nt/advanced Armory

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    I don't see anything glaringly obvious that the rshaman is doing wrong.

    If he wants to work on things, I'd suggest:

    1. Improving his uptime on riptide and earthshield. He was averaging 80-85% uptime on riptide. It should be in the upper 90s. Earthshield buffs the directing healing on the target by 20%, it should be as close to 100% uptime as possible.

    2. Using cd's more effectively and consistently. Ascendance was only used once on the Zor'lok kill and only once on the longest attempt of Ta'yak. If Ascendance is used correctly, it heals for a ton (there has been a post on pointers for optimizing the hps for Ascendance, if he's unsure). The same for healing tide, he's not using it as many time as he can in fights. For Tay'ak...if you use it early on, for the first Unseen Strike, it'll be available to use for the first tornado phase. Also, on Tay'ak there were a few attempts where his healing tide totem isn't ticking for the full duration. I'm not sure if that's because he's cutting it off early, or if he's dropping it on the tornado phase and people are sprinting out of range too soon. For that portion, we usually take a few seconds to heal people so they can survive the tornado dodge, usually no more than 4-5 seconds. But that would give his healing tide an opportunity to tick.

    3. Use healing wave more. It's our spam heal. On the Zor'lok kill, he used it three times. He's using the Glyph of Healing Wave, too...so, it'd be a little self heal, too. Otherwise, he's just wasting a glyph slot. It should be used more than chain heal. It seems he's favoring chain heal. He may also want to consider using the chain heal glyph for a couple of reasons. For 10 mans that may be spread, it will usually always hit the max number of targets with the increased range. Secondly, it forces you to not overuse it due to the cd. I think a lot of shamans aren't used to MoP spell priority - healing wave over chain heal, and they still tend to favor chain heal.

    As a side note, three-healing fights that can be two-healed will always hurt rshaman, due to our mastery. So, take that into account when comparing your logs to other's logs. For example, my hps in the same fights will be quite a bit higher because I'm two-healing it. There's more damage for me to heal individually. I know this is true for any healing comp, but when you also throw in how our mastery works, it hurts us a little more.

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    Starting with his armory: He is missing a tinker on his back. Gemming pure Int at this gear level isn't the smartest idea. Swapping those pure int gems for spirit hybrid gems will let him be more aggressive with his spell use. While running with spirit that low can be effective, the better our regen the more aggressive we can be.

    As mentioned, better use of cooldowns. He is talented for Ancestral Swiftness that he only use twice on an 8 minute fight. That is 6 instant cast heals he wasted. Find out if he has something (anything) to track when his stuff is up and ready for use. If not, he needs to get something.

    Needs to work on his uptimes, yes with a disc priest his mastery will not be in full effect, but that doesn't account for the 85% uptime on Earth shield.

    Most of the cooldown and uptime issues can be fixed with using something, anything that will him when earth shield has fallen or riptide is off cooldown. Fix those things and the rest is polish.

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