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    Relic of Chi Ji Upgradable? Worth it?

    As tittle..

    Anyone tested on ptr if we can upgrade our trinket? is it worth it vs an heroic item?

    what u guys think

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    There's a link on the main page that lists what can and can't be upgraded. Here it is http://www.wowdb.com/items?filter-upgradable=1 and yes it can be upgraded. Whether it's worth it or not, that I cannot answer.

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    heroic trinket of will is pretty much better then upgraded relic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikazz View Post
    heroic trinket of will is pretty much better then upgraded relic.
    Thats what we kinda look for, a line. Where will i be able to get an upgrade from heroics with my upgraded chi li trinket. If this is correct, it is a lot worth it for me, as heroic will is a long road from now.

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    Depending on how many bosses you have down on hc wud depend on how worth this trinket is for you. Unless im mistaken this trinket is third best in slot after heroic spirit of the sun and heroic qin-xis polarizing seal. Not to mention theres a cap of valor at 3000 now so unless you think that you might get 1 of these other trinkets soon, this trinket wud probably be a good upgraded

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