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    Fury 2H - which wep for off-hand

    Hello fellow warrior community,

    The title more or less states it already. Basically Main Hand weapon will be Heroic Starshatter and the off-hand is either a 2nd Heroic Starshatter or the 2H axe from Sha (Shin'Ka Execution of Dominion) with the 500str gem in it.

    Main hand is ilvl 502 and offhand will be ilvl 496. Heroic offhand (heroic version of Shin'ka) and making it BiS is not an option so it really comes down to either a 2nd heroic starshatter in the offhand or using the ilvl 496 weapon from sha.

    The question is, does the 500str gem in the sha weapon offset the ilvl difference and thus lower weapon dmg when compared to a heroic starshatter?

    Curious about your opinions

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    if you don't need the expertise, the amount of mastery of shinka will boost a lot your enraged damage, the problem with two starshatter is the amount of expertise of the combo, starshatter/shinka you will lose about 150 crit and 1k weapon damage but you will gain 815 mastery i think it beats the dual starshatter heroic.
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    Sim it maybe?

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    not at home yet so couldnt And was curious of the opinion of others, not just sim +/- few numbers

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    I would be absolutely shocked if the 500 Str gem doesn't put the Shin'ka ahead as an offhand. When I simmed the 502 Starshatter vs the 496 Shin'ka (w/gem) as mainhands they were basically dead even, so with the devaluing of weapon damage in the offhand Shin'ka should be ahead.

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    Use shin on off hand and heroic starshatter on MH, mastery and additional strength will put shin over heroic starshatter on OH.

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    Thanks for your input, turns out as I thought, just wasnt certain

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