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    Stonebark tricksters gone?

    Stonebark Tricksters usually hang out in Ruins rise in Vale of the eternal blossoms. It would seem as they have now magically disappeared, and instead there are shao-tien dudes in their place.

    Is this a trick of theirs or have they been hotfixed or something? I know many people, including me, used to farm them for sky shards :P

    Thanks in advance,

    Toäd - Turalyon- EU

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    it depends on what dailies are up

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    Even the ones just east of guo lai halls? because Ive never seen anything but them there before O.o

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    yes, some days there's mogu there and some it's tricksters. in my experience it's usually tricksters, but the mogu days aren't uncommon on my server

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    phew, cheers. Was afraid they removed them because of the extensive farming going about :P

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