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    Gilneas Area/Top Hat

    i didnt feel like wow forums doesn't be read by any of the gamemasters of wow, so i post it here to get a blue post replay for this feedback.

    i read in patch 5.0.5: Worgen players on Pre-Cataclysm accounts should be able to accept and complete all Gilneas quests.
    is that just created worgens or is it for converted worgens, Because my char was a Dranei at start and i converted it into worgen because i love wolfs and i wanna do the quest line at start or get the worgen hat as a worgen and now when cata is old can't you make that the start npc can been seen in gilneas area or phase people over to start quests for that hat. Because you could even put the hat in a npc so only worgen race can buy it from quartermaster in darnuss. because i don't wanna remake my worgen from scratch that would take forever and i lose all items i collected on my converted dranei/worgen. because if i remember correct that hat is soulbounded and i don't wanna remake everything just for a single hat tho.
    i hope people would support of this ide to let all worgen race wear the hat to those who love it and wanna be a worgen for the hat. itemID:58255 on wow site
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    You won't get a blue post on this site. The only place you can get those is on the official site.

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    i tried wow forum site and no one reply there and here it doesnt seems no one replay either so where can u get ur voice heard to higher people srs i tried a ticket to and they send u to the forums that hardly anyone read.

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    All quests in the starter area when they make a new character. No one can go back and do those quests, same with Goblin & Panda ones.

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    then they could put the hat in quartermaster in darnuss, for worgen to buy out only for worgen chars, because i dont wanna remake a char from scratch as i note in text just to get one hat.
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