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    Looking for a fun new class to play for fun on an alt

    Hi there! I've been playing a pally and druid pretty much my entire WoW career ( as tank / heals on both ). I'm just looking for an alt to play and possibly become my new main. I'm not looking for FotM classes or anything, just player accounts of a class being pure and unadulterated fun! All people are welcome to comment, but keep it relevant to MoP. :P Thanks!

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    Hmm so you like a pally and druid huh ...tank and heals ....hmm well my vote has to go to a MONK probebly being right up your alley. Personally I find hunters to be really fun and a big reason why pretty much everyone has one .

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    Seems like you enjoy hybrids so I would recommend Monk. I can`t speak for Brewmasters but I have very much enjoyed Mistweaving and windwalker.

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    only 2 classes .. you missed a lot of fun then

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    Monk, eh? Just so happens I bought the heirloom pants for a monk just yesterday. ^.* It should be known I have pretty much every heirloom, also. I also should have said I'm interested in DPS more so than healing/tanking. :P

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    We don't allow this type of thread here. You'll need to choose for yourself.

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