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    Brewmaster help please critique my build


    The above is a partial link to my current armory page. I cannot post a full link at this time

    I am just getting in to tanking lfr. I have no problems with heroics. I am in the process of building a raid team and plan to hit MSV soon. I have read through many brewmaster forums and am a little confused as to where the monk tank community is at currently with expertise cap. Currently as you can see from my build I am headed towards the hard cap of 15%.

    Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you

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    It's hard to give advice to fellow Brewmasters for the simple fact that much of our playstyle comes from personal preference.

    If you absolutely hate getting parried/dodged, then go with 15% expertise cap. (Myself, I stick with 7.5% and have no problems)

    I will say this. You can safely vendor the quest boots from Sha. The ilvl 463 boots from heroics(http://www.wowhead.com/item=81249) are much, much better.
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    5.1 really muddied the waters on a lot of theory crafting for BrM. Since your not doing anything wrong from a gear perspective you'll want to post some logs. Right now we basically have two choices so I would suggest experimenting with both.

    1) 7.5% vs 15% expertise.
    2) Power Strikes vs Ascension

    To complicate things both of the above choices also inter-relate with each other quite a bit. I'd suggest trying out each combo and seeing which performs best for you. Just as a guess since you are pushing 15% expertise you may find Power Strikes superior since you don't have much spare rating to throw around which is the main benefit Ascension provides.

    My own personal suggestion is 7.5% expertise + Power Strikes initially then looking at 15% expertise and/or Ascension as you gear up. Just my personal opinion from my own gearing experience, others may disagree.

    I never ended up needing Stam/Mastery for anything I've done so far (I used the stam meta but switched to agil before I even cleared Elegon/Will). So once your happy with your energy regen I'd suggest your extra rating goes into Crit (which is a big part of what Ascension will let you do).

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    I hope this is okay to add my own request for advice or tips as well. If not I apologize and will make my own thread.

    us.battle.net/wow/en/character/doomhammer/Rinek/simple (Same can't post links yet)

    worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-xt6vh31z1zrb3ceu/ Link to our most current world of logs.

    Note please ignore the fact that my chest and shoulders aren't gemmed and enchanted as I just got them last night, thanks!

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