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    Where is my +25% guard buff?

    Well, I remember when we stacked 3 tiger palm we could use Improved guard, but today I noticed that I never get that again (cause tiger palm has 1 apply only of 30%, not 3 of 10%).

    So my noob question is: What happened to +25% buffed guard? No more or I`m noob and didn't notice?

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    It was always 15%, 5% per stack of tiger palm. Now its 1 hit 15% off the bat iirc.

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    It's always been a +15% buffed guard, and it's still there. You get one stack of Power Guard when you tiger palm, which gives you all +15% now.

    The guard button no longer lights up, but the functionality is the same.

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    Oh, thank you guys. Enlightened everything! xD

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