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    Demon Soul and Dark Bargain in 5.1

    I've been hearing that demon soul goes undispellable/unstealable and that dark bargain can be activated while cc'ed in 5.1, unfortunately my search for an official confirmation has gone fruitless. Would someone kindly link the source to this or let me down easy if this information is actually false?

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    I recall something about Dark Soul becoming a self-curse, to prevent being dispelled but un-decursable by friendlies. I haven't been on the PTR so would have to have someone else confirm it. Maybe it died with Xelnath leaving.

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    It is this way on the PTR, no official confirmation of it yet though. Wait for the official patch notes to see if it's in there, but don't despair if it's not. Just wait till you can check in game otherwise. It's not the first nor last undocumented change we'll see.

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    I've seen both of those on the PTR. Dark Bargain (and sac pact) can be used while cc'd, and dark soul is not dispellable / not possible to spellsteal.

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    patch notes didnt change that much, yet no signs of these being implemented

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    No sign of the CB change either. Guess we'll have to wait until someone gets ingame and can report back.
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    Hello. I just tested this. A shaman could not purge Dark Soul off of me, and I could activate Dark Bargain during their capacitor stun!
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    Bout time. No idea how the DS being dispelable went live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nse360 View Post
    Bout time. No idea how the DS being dispelable went live.
    Probably because were like the only class in the game that its main offensive CD (that we depend on so much) that can just be negated with 1 dispel/spellsteal.

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