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    Anyways, what is this 3D printer you speak of? I want one... To print some crap I don't really need, but I've never seen one of those things.

    Shows making the model at 2:00

    This is the newest version. Usually a 5x5x5 model can take anywhere from 6-24 hours to make on a normal RPM. (Rapid prototyping machine) Some are smaller than the one shown. Usually it uses a form of polymer that is super heated and cooled and molded together. It makes the model by taking cross sections of the model in the program and just puts a layer on layer on layer of polymer. (I know the one I used had like animal fat polymer.) The material that comes out is brittle but when it cools off it is more structured. Depending on the substance used to make your product it can either cool and be rigid or bendy. I have a bendy one on my keychain.

    This is the one I used.
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    I'm an American and I don't have a 3D printer, but if I did I sure as hell wouldn't print guns... And until you brought this to my attention, I hadn't even heard of anyone doing that.

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