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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    So we would get less dailies? Any time of the day!

    I'd even say that not all roles are equally "viable" for questing. And it is really fun to sometimes see tears of lv88-89 dps about how mobs take long to kill, they don't really know what does it mean to level as tank or healer in MoP.
    Well we have duel spec now so there's really no reason for anyone to be trying to level as a tank or healer outside of dungeons.... You can still heal and tank in dungeons and switch to a more suitable questing spec the rest of the time.

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    I agree with you man, and props for the english. As someone who doesn't mind questing but really likes to run dungeons I would have liked to see more dungeons 85-90. and I'm all for having another 10 level x-pac, Pandaria is big, but since Northrend and Outland took 10 levels they just seemed so much larger and I remember so many little things from each zone. Cata and MoP just felt like a fast grind to max level, that might be because I was more noobish in BC and WotLK, but at the same time I feel like it's because of the huge stat scaling. In my opinion next x-pac should be 10 levels, they should scale the numbers down, and add lots of dungeons 90-100. Also a continent that is sort of like kalimdor or eastern kingdoms, lots of small, medium and large sized zones with lots of choice as to where you level, not a few zones that you have to level in to get to max level like in Cata and MoP.

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    [/COLOR]thx for everyone to answer and vote, I think the post got to is end hehe no more post on it and no more vote so I can see with all the vote that it would have been nicer to have more dungeon!
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