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    considering a mage

    I'm considering deleting my useless utility class(aka hunter)to start a mage... got questions
    1. BiR(best in race)horde side...not willing to go emogoth(forsaken).
    2. which spec.

    was thinking troll or Bloodelf or female orc.

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    Never delete toons.
    Why does Ghostcrawler hate paladins?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    A ret paladin killed his parents.

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    At the moment, Mages are very unfun at endgame and suffer from severe mobility issues. I would not roll one for the time being.
    Do no harm, but take no shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punks View Post
    Never delete toons.
    You're missing his point. This whole thread has an embedded "my class sucks so I'm quitting" outcry.

    Answers: Whatever you want and whatever you want. If you don't see the value in hunters then you can probably be whatever you want as a mage since you'll be at the same level as your hunter anyway. :] People in some hunter thread I read about an hour ago seem to think they're just fine.

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    1st don't delete your hunter, keep it for another day.

    Choose class based on Racial abilities, I play alliance but think for horde should be Troll.

    Fire is currently ahead on DPS over Frost spec and Arcane, pick up both Fire and Frost tho they aren't majorly far apart and little changes in future patches could change so best to get used to both specs or you'll be stuck playing 1 spec because that's all you took the time to learn.

    Most important thing as fire is learning to build big combustion's which you'll need targets with larger healthpools to do i.e dungeons the rest you'll pick up pretty easy.

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    Sorry to say, but these threads are against the forum rules, so I have to lock it. Research the class, but don't ask us to tell you what you should play...it's your game man.

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