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    Enhancement trinket question

    I currently have 476(raid finder) Bottle of Infinite stars, 476 Relic of Xuen, and 496(normal version) of Terror in the Mist. I was wondering which of the two 476 trinkets would be best to use with Terror in the mist

    Armory - us.battle . net/wow/en/character/perenolde/C%C3%B4rrupti%C3%B4ns/simple

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    I just simmed your character: Over a 350 second fight (Almost 6 minutes)

    Relic of Xuen + Terror in the Mists : 88,480 DPS
    Relic of Xuen + Bottle of Infinite Stars : 88,026 DPS
    Bottle of Infinite Stars + Terror in the Mists : 88,021 DPS
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