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  • Yes, I only play MMOs. I do not play other games outside of the genre.

    16 12.21%
  • No, I don't only play MMOs. I like having a lot of other games to play.

    69 52.67%
  • No, I don't only play MMOs, but I only play a few other games.

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    I do also play few other games, but I tend to stick with MMO's (Tribes: Ascend, Planetside 2, WoW (Have played GW2, SWTOR and Rift)

    I just like MMO's more I think, changes the whole feeling of just sitting alone in some room. I do know I still sit alone when I play an MMO, but there seem to be a bit more interaction with people and the likes.
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    As it stands right now, I have 13 games installed on my PC. Though some are little casual titles like Little Inferno and Toki Tori (yes...) others are things like CS:GO, Dishonored and Assassin's Creed 3.

    Then you have the games I play on consoles too.
    I found WoW took the majority of my time and I actually let some really good games slip past me. I'm sort of making up for that now ^^
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    Stood in the Fire
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    I only play a handful of games at a time. I mostly just tend to stay away from mindless, non-productive games like Saints Row and GTA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wynnyelle View Post
    So I was surprised to learn recently that there are a good number of people who only play MMOs as their games of choice. I found that to be really interesting and strange, because it never occurred to me that there were people who only played one game. I mean, thinking about it I guess it kind of makes sense because you can put so much time into an MMO that maybe you wouldn't need any other games to play, but I just can't imagine only playing one game. I love the variety of having a ton of different games to choose from! That's probably why I go insane every time Steam has a sale. :P

    Anyway, I'm curious to see if there are many people on this forum who exclusively play MMOs here. If so, how come? Do you just not like other games as much as your MMO of choice or do you not feel the need to play other games since you spend so much time on your MMO? I'm curious to see what the thought process behind that is!
    Yes sir, I only play MMOs. Although took me a while to discover them. I used to play consoles - rpg, fps, sports, action - just about anything. Then I discovered MMOs and made a decision that everything else is a waste of time. Now adays FPS games have a great online community (great meaning large) and I might have given more time to that genre. Everything else is a crossword puzzle - it has a beginning and an end and not much but repitition with changing backgrounds and of course mmos are repition too - but it's everything else you can do in an mmo that makes me believe they are better games. There is not much do whatever the fuck you want to do in stand alone games like there is in mmos.

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    I have a bunch of other games too, seems kinda silly to "lock" yourself into just one genre.
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    I mostly only play WoW. However I will occasionally play other Mmo's and once in a blue moon I will play a non Mmo.

    The reason behind this is simply because I almost always have something I can do in WoW. Games that aren't Mmo's tend to not last very long and other Mmo's don't live up to WoW over all in my opinion.

    I vote choice 1, however I do think there should be another option saying "Yes, I only play Mmo's but sometimes pick up a non Mmo".

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    I play MMOs and RPGs almost exclusively these days. This wasn't always the case, but it has become so over the years. The only genre I avoid completely is FPS. I have zero interest in shooters.

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    I played wow for a long time, and that's the first game I played if you count out console games I played as a kiddo.
    Then I left wow, had some swapping between Rift and star wars. But then I played Bloodline champions that aren't an mmo, even though it works a bit quite wow arenas =)
    And then I went GW2 and now Planetside2 while waiting for GW2 updates. Those two will probably be my games of choice next year... well, might try firefall when it hits as well. Im not really into fps, but planetside 2 is quite epic with these big battles, cant be anything else but fun. I like the mmo pvp style and the customization of characters, only problem is that pve tends to be the focus in mmos and I love it's pvp=(
    I would give my life to a soul that made a pvp focused game in similar playstyle as mmos, think bloodline champions but the easier targeting of mmos, a lot of customization to chars.. not some heroes to unlock, just costumes unlock. All you do is progress, either arena style or battlegrounds and there are ladders and like bloodline champion you can progress solo in pugs or premade in groups. Have bronze league, silver league... gold... and so on. That dude would really succeed.
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    I enjoy a variety of games personally. Although the notion one would play a single genre of video games isn't too far fetched or unreasonable. If we consider the reverse is true and quite common; some folks don't enjoy certain genres.

    For example, it wouldn't be unusual to find someone who didn't play sim racing games. So in a sense they exclusively play non sim racing games.

    Even though I do enjoy a variety of game types and genres as stated above. There are some I rarely look at or invest time.

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    I am a true gamer. I even dabble in sports games (mostly Tiger Woods franchise, but still).
    ^ The above should be taken with two grains of salt and a fistful of "chill the F* out".

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    I hardly play mmos anymore, so I'm sort of the opposite. I usually will try any new one that comes out though.

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    I like playing lots of games of many types. I'd rather not play MMOs to be honest if I could, but some are really good (GW2) and some are sequels to games I liked and are also good (WoW) so don't have much choice.

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    I used to play or at least have tried out most mainstream MMO's out there (WoW, LotRO, SW:tOR, EVE: Online, Rift, GW2, GW1, TERA, Aion, UO) but recently I've got completely burned out of them, so I've noticed I have dozens of games I should play, all purchased "just in case" during the days when I still played MMO's and mainly WoW. Most games are from Steam and it's sales, but at least yet I haven't found out time to play them, I just can't get focused on one game at a time anymore either.

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    I used to but now I'm playing other games too. Mostly RPGs after trying Dragon Age 2 (and 1).

    Oh and I bought Starcraft 2 too yesterday because I had some money on my Paypal account from selling junk in Diablo. I'm not sure if I'll play it as I'm not really into that sort of games. My ex bf used to watch the SC2 streams but I found it too confusing and not that much fun. As for why I bought it.. well, it was the last day of the offer and I couldn't pass it up.

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    Besides WoW, I play sportsgames, GTA, Maffia and certain race games. Have never tried other MMOs, though my brother tries to get me hooked up on LoL and some friends try to get me play Skyrim (Is this an MMO? I don't actually know) or GW2.
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    How can you only play MMO's? Gosh that would get boring :P

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    I don't have time for my life these days, let alone multiple games...
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    One of the gaming communities I moderate for has various members that only play MMOs but they play all the big ones at the same time.
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    I think I'm starting to "grow out of" offline games. I don't necessarily need an MMO to hold my interest, but I need some sort of medium in which I'm constantly interacting with people, otherwise I get bored. A single player game has be absolutely amazing to my hold my attention these days, otherwise I get bored after an hour or two.

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    With a very few exceptions, I only play MMOs. Singel player games gets booring so fast so I dont waste money on them, and nothing beats playing with your friends.

    The last five years, the only games I have played that wasnt a MMO is X-Com (2012), Dungeon Defender and Orcs Must Die 1 & 2.

    Games played: WoW, SWTOR, TERA, Warhammer Online, World of Tanks, Planetside 2 and a few more.
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