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    Suggest a GW2 Podcast

    Okay well I tried out GW2 on invite a friend weekend and even though I am still putting the majority of my time in wow I do find myself valor/lfr capped by saturday and since there is no fee to play GW2 I will play it as well.

    While at work I like to listen to wow podcasts, they inform me as to whats going on in the game and generally give me points of views from people other than myself. It also allows me to avoid listening to political radio that my co-worker seems to think is appropriate for a work environment.

    So which GW2 podcasts are a cut above the rest? As for wowpodcasts I like the Instance, All things Azeroth, Convert to raid, wow-insider and sometimes the darkmoon based on how much time I have at work. So please suggest some winners for me.

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    I think GuildCast is the best one.

    They are fair & balanced, giving the game praise where it deserves and holding no punches where things need improving. Always cover the latest info, it's been running for 50 weeks now. Plus they are amusing

    Valar morghulis

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    I prefer BuildCast to GuildCast but they are canceling that sadly.

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    Tales of Tyria is rather interesting.

    Love the Bridger rants.

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