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    Remove just 1 thing from WoW

    Since its launch over 8 years ago WoW has grown not only in fanbase but in features. Many from other games but a few that wow has made its own. Some of these features have been welcomed with open arms while others are still scorned and detested by the community.

    So if you could remove 1 feature from the current state of WoW that you believe would improve the game what would it be? example, lfr, lfd, pet battles, BE's, etc

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    Pandaren Monk kreebs's Avatar
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    Casuals for a start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zuluslayer View Post
    Casuals for a start.
    So, basically the VAST majority of the playerbase then? Smart move...

    I'd remove Gnomes, they are only useful for punting!
    Sometimes updated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnifiedDivide View Post
    So, basically the VAST majority of the playerbase then? Smart move...
    And? It's not like they need 10million people to keep the game running.

    I would say Paladins.

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    /10 chars

    Nah but seriously, Paladins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zuluslayer View Post
    Casuals for a start.
    I'd rather this thread not turn into the supposed casual vs hardcore debate and keep it to just features in game and not the player base.

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    Cross Realm Zones

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    Flying Mounts

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    Flying mounts (more pvp please)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zuluslayer View Post
    Casuals for a start.
    No. Casuals are what makes the game fun and entertaining.

    Only issue I have with WoW are the awful character models. The new models can't come fast enough.

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    Battle Fatigue. 30% plus a 25% healing debuff (from PC's) - a 55% REDUCTION in my ability.

    How many People would scream bloody murder if 55% of TANKS health was dropped in pvp or if 55% of DPS was dropped.

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    Or people that use the word "casual" because they think they're "hardcore".

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    CRZ, or at least an option to opt out of it...

    Like in Wotlk, I left doing all the 'rare' things for when Cata came out... so less people searching for them. Did the same thing for when MoP came out, having CRZ introduced was a kick in the gonads... every since release I have YET to see a single "Mysterious Camel Figurine", for example... and them Books in Dalaran for the Higher Learning achievement are NEVER UP, to name but a few numerous annoyances.

    Another pet hate, is the DAZE effect when trying to run by mobs. It's so friggin annoying >_<;

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    World pvp.

    Or daze that isn't caused by any ability.

    Tough one.

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    I would remove LFR.

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    Why do you people always have to have issues with something? Why remove something? It's fine as it is.

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    Ohh do I say it.....

    okay.. In MY opinion, personally...

    I'd remove PvP.

    Suddenly the game becomes a LOT easier to balance as you don't need to worry if the class/ability is balanced in both PvE and PvP as PvP doesn't exist. You can focus on the PvE aspect of the game, on making dungeons/raids as good as they can be, expanding on the Lore etc.

    oh and CRZs fuck that noise.
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    Daily Quests... ALL of them.

    also, Paladins.
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    Arena. It would be nice to have interesting trinkets and weapon procs again without having to worry about how unbalancing they are.

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