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    How can this have two places ?
    Wondering that myself. This might be an okay mount for personal use, but I've got the feeling it's gonna look pretty stupid with 2 people hanging off of it.

    Wish they'd just give engineers a damn 2-3 seater airplane already.

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    Wowhead is saying that it's a crafted engineering two seater mount.

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    lol ya it is looking like it i think i made this post even before 5.1 or right around the time 5.1 launched. but good lookin out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    How can this have two places ?
    I'd bet the player who summons the mount will be "inside" the main body (or in fact, just invisible like with the alchemy dragon) while the riding player will be grapped by the claw, showing the race model's falling animation.

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    From looking at it I guess they're giving us the mount that Overspark uses during the Operation: Shieldwall daily A Kind of Magic. He flys in on it when you call him via his scouts. When he uses it he's shown standing on top of it with a slight glow from the top between the rotors and the scouts are picked up in the claw and dropped on the target.

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    I'll take this opportunity to say that it's extremely doubtful that the claw-copter in the picture I linked will actually be the mount. It will obviously be a brand new model loosely based on that old claw-copter.

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    I doubt it's that old claw model either but I'll be happy to be a flying claw even if it is, rather than a fancy new one.

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