Rated Battlegrounds now have the same spell restrictions as Arena.

I think this is a great change because it forces teams to coordinate their attacks and crowd control better. Players who over extend are punished for being bad and aren't bailed out by a Battle Rez. No more soul stones; no more shaman self rez. No more teams abusing heroism buff right before RBG starts.

When a players die, they are dead for a good minute before they can reinforce, allowing the opposition to capture the desired base. This is great for Node maps such as Arathi Basin ( BS ) and TBOG ( Water Works ) & Eye of the Storm.

On FC maps; i feel that more games will be decided in the last minute or two. I can't count the number of times a flag carrier will drop to 5% only to get bailed out by lay on hands. Throw in the fact that shadow priest can also life swap the FC makes it even more stupid.


Teams will have to be more coordinated; players will have to play more careful, hopefully pvp will be alittle better this patch.