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    Leveling through crafting?

    I want to level a new character from 1 - 80 through crafting only. Is that possible? Using XP Boosters and working with about 100 gold, can it be done?

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    Every profession gives 10 levels when skilled up from 1-400. There are 8 professions. =D

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    Is that with or without XP boosters? Also, do you get the same XP from 1-10 as you would from 70-80? Or would you get way more exp from the first profession you do starting at level 1

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    I did this with an alt, leveled only one crafting profession and got to level 12 using a booster.

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    Seems like it would be worth it to level to like level 20 or 30 before starting to craft then huh? Also, how much gold did it cost to level your professions?

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    Boosters will not make a difference for experience gained through crafting. XP boosters are for killing monsters, crafting boosters grant additional "crafting" experience. You may level up a profession faster, but it ultimately has no effect on boosting real experience.

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    You get 10 levels for every discipline regardless of what level you are when you level the discipline, or if your leveling of the discipline is spread across multiple sessions with other leveling in between. That also means that you get more effective experience from disciplines from 70-80+ (or just 80+ for skill points), but it still allows you to get 80 levels from leveling all 8 crafting disciplines. As Absintheminded said, boosters don't affect the amount of experience you get from crafting, but crafting boosters will make crafting cheaper and faster.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    How much gold do professions usually run? I have about 60 gold right now, and I want to level my ranger as fast as possible. That's where I'm at.

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    last night i went from 175 to 400 in armorsmith for 10g. I bought a bunch of stuff at high prices b/c i was impatient, so you could do it cheaper.

    I wanted to add: if you're following a guide online that uses discovery and such, you may want to stop at 375, because at that point, you can start making the Rare pieces you may actually want.
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    Jewelry and Cooking are significantly cheaper than any of the other professions due to the fact that all 6 other professions share the same mob-drop mats. Cooking was less than 2g to 400 however you need high areas unlocked to buy the karma items (buy them from an alt or just craft as you level). Jewelry is just dirt cheap, even profitable if you already have most the jewels and only need to buy ore. I have all professions at 400, have done a few of them multiple times and pretty much every one of my characters has jewel/cooking as well as their main professions :P

    note: Jewelcrafting is not worth doing 375-400 if you are only interested in exp. It becomes majorly expensive. Likewise, all other 6 professions (exc: cooking/jewel) 225-300 seems like a cock block because the mats in that tier are so expensive.
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    I leveled from 30 to 80 for about 6g in around 2.5 hours, and I put bids on all the mats I didn't have, granted I did have a lot of things pooled up in my collections as it was my 4th 80...but yes, it is totally doable.

    Edit: I did Artificing, Tailor, Cooking and Weaponsmithing if you're curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDevine View Post
    How much gold do professions usually run? I have about 60 gold right now, and I want to level my ranger as fast as possible. That's where I'm at.
    Around 10g each a proffesion. Boosters will save some gold.

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    I think best way is to do a combination of pve and crafting. Gather mats and sell what you dont need anc craft on the side. Unless ofc you got a large pile of gold.

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    It is possible, harder than during release. It used to give a lot more XP.

    My advice is start doing crafting at 30-50 and finish at when you are 70-75. You'll be 80 before you know it.

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