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    5.1 Mind Sear

    So, what is the state of Spriest's mind sear atm?

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    I was jsut logging in to create the same thread, I did not see anywhere in the patch notes about the spell being changed, can anyone on US realms confirm ?

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    I'm pretty sure they said it isn't getting changed. They're happy with it because we should be multi dotting on AOE fights.

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    A better expansion.
    Also U.S. realms aren't even up.

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    i thought it was getting a mild bump to be a bit more competitive? multidotting and searing is fine but once you have to do a round of re-dotting the dropoff is drastic

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    well, i remember reading from somewhere that mindsear scaling had increased or some sort, but it wasnt stated in the 5.1 patch notes.

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    Indeed I remember reading we'd have another 25% boost actually (or was it 15%)... either way, I'm sad.

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    Pretty sure the change was hotfixed in and 5.1 will change tooltips only.

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    Bit of a shame they made no change to our single target, we at least deserved a baseline burst cool down ;_;
    Single target right now is awful.

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    Another cd wouldn't really add anything to shadow other than be a slight dps increase and have no effect on our rather low sustained damage. They just need to give Mind Flay a small buff to bring our single target up a bit without influencing the multi-dot fights we do well on. On a more "wishful thinking" note, I would like if they just completely reworked SW:I into an aoe talent; no one uses it anyway, might as well make it useful and therefore a choice worth making for aoe. Something like it just doing aoe damage instead of single target, or applying swp to all nearby targets when activated. Even with an 18 second aoe ramp-up, I'd be happier than with our current aoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wow View Post
    Pretty sure the change was hotfixed in and 5.1 will change tooltips only.
    Going from the PTR: It does about 1k more damage per hit than on live.

    The first PTR build had the tooltip correction (to a 25% coefficient - which was the hotfix). A later build buffed it to a 30% coefficient (which is a buff).

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    yeah mine went from 7400 to 9000 between patches, pretty nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobbly View Post
    yeah mine went from 7400 to 9000 between patches, pretty nice.
    Hello good sir. May you endulge me with how much SP you had while testing? Trying to calculate how much boost it is for me..:P

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    So did we get the boost or not? The boost wasn't confirmed in the official patch notes...I won't be able to check it in-game until later tonight so I am fairly curious..

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    I'm pretty sure they buffed it, because personally for me its amazing now. I went from close to bottom on aoe to the top. It almost feels a little too buffed. But I'm sure thats because it works with our mastery.

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    It always worked well with Twist of Faith - I am keeping my fingers crossed! thanks for the update

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    It's definitely buffed.

    Here's a screenshot from random Windlord LFR I did an hour ago or so

    Even forgot to spec twist of fate, my numbers would have been ridiculous with that.

    Happy mindsear spamming
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    Ha - nice one, we should enjoy it while we can - Mind Sear must be the most nerfed/buffed spell within wow history.

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    My biggest gripe was challenge modes. Shadow priest DPS was a handicap to any group that wasn't using 4 DPS. We'll see how it does with this buff. - We're recruiting!

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    Mind Sear, in context of the time it's been added, til now, seems to be a really exact example of an ability that's all over the place. It feels like they just can't decide where to leave it, and, the result, is it's always getting ping ponged around and changed. There are other abilities like that in the game, but just looking at the total history of mind sear is a bit sad.

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