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    Alliance in Random BGs

    Just to warn you, this is probably somewhat biased, and definitely made of Post-BG Rage.

    For me, Random BGs are generally fun. You que up, and are chucked into a violent fight where coordination and teamwork determine the winner, and also gear ofc. I currently have 6 90's and would consider 5 of them geared to a reasonable degree. Three 90's are Horde, 3 Alliance. And recently I've been getting more and more frustrated playing as my Alliance Characters. I go into a 10/15 Man BG, look around and see no healers, and people with less than 280k (Not even sure how, most of my Characters had 300k+ as soon as they hit 90) on the Alliance Team, then look at the Horde Team via BG Targets, and despair. In the average 10 man, most Horde are 380k+ HP and often with 2 Healers. I've even seen Horde have 8 healers once in a Twin Peaks.

    BGs are the primary thing I do in WoW, and at the moment I find myself hating playing as Alliance, because its impossible play the objective, are we are that outgeared its pointless to try. Take Eye of the Storm, the worst BG Alliance can do. Playing as Horde, I can predict by now the Alliance will push the Flag, fail to get the Flag, and loose DR, usually within the first three minutes of the game. And yet they will still push the flag, even if Horde have all four bases. My personal statistics on one of my Characters for that BG is played 146, won 26. If it was a 50/50 spread I'd understand, even 40/60, but we're looking at 15%.

    So I'm questioning, is it worth Faction Changing and Server Transferring my 3 90's? (Horde on my Alliance Realm is low Population, getting a Weekly Sha is often difficult, probably impossible on three Characters). I don't want to spend £105 on paid services, and like Alliance Races and my Guild. But my personal BG Experiences are pushing me to the point where I question it's worth forsaking it all for the ability to play on teams which are geared and work together.

    To sum up, Alliance are terrible at Random BGs, is it worth 3 x Server/Faction Changes? Whats your experiences? And EU or US

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    Transfer and you'll run into the same problems. Sometimes you get a team with good gear, healers etc. sometimes not, the same as you sometimes run into geared opponents or not.
    There is one thing you can do though, premades. Or even play a healer yourself.
    Or you can wait for the next patches, blizz is working on some system for the queue to always have healers in the team and also some stupid thing about gear normalization.
    So, get over a few bad bg's and try again tomorrow.

    edit: didn't answer your question.

    Sometimes horde are terrible, sometimes alliance are. No it's not worth it to transfer for this "reason" alone. Both US and EU.
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    Some you'll win....
    Some you'll lose.....
    Some were born to sing the bluesssssssssssssss...

    OT: Rng is cruel. Also it sucks to not have a single healer but its not game deciding.
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    Horde in IoC. First 35-38 players rush to the Alliance gate, if you're lucky some will take an demolisher. Often this ends with the Alliance breaching the gate far earlier. Somehow the Alliance actually manages to do that with the bombs alone after 1-2 players disposed of the Glaives. How? I do not know, especially not if we have both 15%+.

    And if the Horde actually breaks the gate first all these people run into the fortress, half of them actually run up to the boss and then semingly go afk waiting for some tank that doesn't exist to pop up while any blood dk in blood presence/feral as bear could tank that guy while the other half is standing in the courtyard jumping around not doing anything productive. Allowing the Alliance to often break the gate several minutes later and still win!

    Horde on IoC is just magical, best thing since sliced bread, 4 more wins and that BG is going to land on the black list forever.

    Therefore OP, it's not just the Alliance. It's WoW Players when playing a certain faction on certain maps.

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    Out of the bgs I do... If I win one a night is too much.... Horde in my battlegroup are terrible.

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    I was horde once, felt like I lost every bg and although i eventually changed to Alliance, it wasn't because of BG's.

    Started doing BG's as alliance on the same battle group, I felt like I was losing every game there too...

    Unless you can find proven statistics that your battle group does have bad odds (and not by looking at your achievement statistics but rather a website that collects data) I wouldn't bother with a faction change because you probably wont find what you are looking for.

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    Not sure Battlegroups Exist for Random BGs anymore, as far as I was aware Zenedar and Shadowsong are in different Battlegroups, but still end up together in BGs. In terms of Shadowsong, the Battlegroup is Cyclone, known for being grouped with Stormscale. I know Arenas use Battlegroups but as far as I'm aware Random BGs don't. Lost last two since I last logged in. Sigh. Also have IoC/AV Blacklisted and auto AFK out of SotA (Cannot stand the 40 man BGs or Player vs Wall)

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    This thread again. You gotta understand that its same everywhere. Ive played Alliance and horde on a few realms, EU, and i feels same on both sides.

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    Here's the sad truth about BG's in MOP, one player no longer makes a difference.

    When you're leveling up if you twink your character a bit, say run Cata instances at 77-78 you'll face roll everything. If you play gold sink twink at 83-84 you can dominate until 89.

    When you're 90 you're carrying idiots in gear from questing in Kun Lai saying "Dude but how else am I supposed to gear?"

    A geared player, and I'm talking elite Conquest gear, cannot sway a battle anymore single handed. The days of being able to take out 2-3 players because of gear and skill are over now at max level. They may do very well? They can't carry a 10 man group the way they used to in previous expansions.

    I have 2 PVP toons I'll conquest cap one Horde, one Alliance. I can tell you there is indeed a pattern. One side has geared players the other does not. Doesn't matter the faction, none are exempt or special. Horde roll or Alliance roll. There is no more competition really anymore. I have stopped being in close games completely in my battle group. One side face rolls, the other says "Just let them win."

    As a result I am bored beyond belief with MoP PVP. I cap 2's, I did random BG's. That's all I really did. Now 2's is a straight up knife fight of trinkets/CD's vs. trinkets/CD's with no skill involved. Random BG's consist of hoping you're on the face roll side instead of being on the face rolled side.

    I geared in Cata for TB and 2-3 times a day I loved glorious 25-40 vs 25-40 zone wide PVP. Now there's no PVP zone. Don't tell me Karasang because no one, and I mean no one, on my server does those dailies. If I see 2 people a week doing them, that's a lot. No one is ever flagged. Same with Thunder Isle. I run the PVP dailies for Conquest points, Horde and Alliance, I've done them for 2 weeks unmolested on both factions.

    All I can say is 5.3 better make things fun because I am bored as hell with PVP.

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    everytime i do a bg and the horde has more then 1 healer im already shocked in awe.
    what even shocks me more then that is when the alliance has less then 3 healers.

    it might be me, but over the 100's of bg's i done the alliance got a very clear healer advantage over the horde.
    now that said my overall win chance is still slightly above 50%. but its quite frustrating when you do 3-5 bg's in a row and you cant take down a FC cause their 33-4 healers around them and you simply cant burst them down or lock them down all 4 enough to have a decent chance too down atleast 1-2 so you actually got a decent chance too get them all down and kill the FC.
    times like that i wish there was a healer cap in bg's cause its quite redicilious

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    Overall, I have like 51% win ratio if I combine all my characters that have ever done BGs.

    Some games suck, some games rock.
    And in my case, the rock more then they suck!

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    I have years of experience from both sides and my general perception is that Horde is slightly better in smaller sized BG's while Alliance reign supreme in 40-mans.

    This is all of course just personal preference. I have a really good win-loss ratio on most of my characters but if you check my paladins statisics, who have about the same amount of played as both alliance and horde, you'll see that in the end, it probably comes down to carrying your own weight. You'd be surprised how big of a difference one person can make if you just give your best at all times.

    Also, i am playing Horde right now, and i feel that it's Alliance who always have the better geared team and more healers. It's just personal preference.
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    ive noticed this last few weeks that's its nothing but premade alliance teams (primarily from outland or kazzak) in BGs (the flag/base capture Bgs).. this is annoying as hell as a group of randoms against 2x5 premade teams (as in 2 groups of 5 people in 1 team) is ny on impossible to win.

    in nearly 3 whole days of doing Bgs on my priest (just decided to get back into pvp on priest ;p) all I have for my efforts is 2 pieces of honor gear lol.. I think this is awful by blizz to let this happen, surely theres a way to put premade groups against premade groups (or why they don't just do RBGs I don't know) but it really fucks me off lol...

    I think I won only 4 maybe 5 Bgs in 3 days ;p.. sucks..
    also is botting a bigger problem now than before???? I always seem to see people mounted doing fuck all, some even come right upto you and just follow you about or run into walls or obstacles etc, no one goes to get the EFC. I try talking etc but no reply.... WTF IS GOING ON LOLOLOL///
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    in my experience, alliance sucks from 04.00 in the morning to 18.00 in the evening, where as horde sucks from 18.00 to 04.00.

    i got about 45% win ratio since i mostly play from 16-20..

    in the day time, it's like every 10 man bg, horde got 2-4 healers, where as alliance is lucky to even have 1. and when we finaly have 1, it's a pve geared guy who gets bursted down in a single global cooldown.

    often i find myself as the only guy going for the healers (thanks to my addon they are werry easy to spot), and i can take a healer down with my frost dk in a matter of seconds, if it wasn't because they had 4 of them. you can't take a holy pala down while he gets healed by himself, a monk, a priest and a druid. and in the meantime, the rest of my team is trying to take down a warrior or some other shit, barely getting him under 60% hp.

    in the night time, however, i find myself steamrolling through hordes, gy camping them an entire game, or simply just winning in less than 5 minutes.

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    horde suck just as much.
    i play both. and one day i played on my horde the whole day. 09 in the moring till 6 in the evening. and around 16:00 i had my first win as horde.
    so trust me both suck as much.

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    Alliance EU, at least the battlegroup i'm in is terrible for healers. You either have none at all, or a few, but still less than Horde. So i can relate there.

    That being said, its goes both ways. On Horde i generally play a healer myself, and the dps i get have barely any gear and die in seconds. Most games these days, doesn't matter if Alliance or Horde are against 5 man group teams with way more coordination than your average random group.

    I really wish they'd limit healers vial the matchmaking system. Its about time we had an overhaul to the system. Games are often decided the moment one team gets more healers than the other team, especially when healers hit the gear level that makes them walking tanks.
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    Well its RNG you know
    When i enter with mine warrior horde i am almost always enter in good teams if we not hae healers will have good team work or much better gear and so one.Things are different entering with mine hunter almost always bad teams ....

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    Lol, nobody wins bg's these days.. Even my friends tell me that our faction(horde) is way worse than alliance. When we had a lan, and played random bg's all night and lost a couple in a row, my friend told me the good horde players don't play at night and alliance have less bots. The funny thing is, we won many bg's in a row in an earlier lan. But that he doesn't remember.

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    Jeez, this again. The normal kid who whines about his faction, then faction change and figures out the grass aint greener at the other side of the fence.

    Win ratio is around 50:50. Stop complaining, only battleground one faction truly win all the time is AV. And thats in your favour

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    As bad as it can get, just remember, you could have my luck with randoms.

    I love this BG since it is really fast paced and heavy fighting, I queue it specifically constantly, but damn do I really wish my server wasn't so dead that I could actually do rated BGs.

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