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    [A] Amaranth Knights on Eldre'Thalas-US LF Healers/RDPS 25M (6/6 MV, 3/6 HF)

    Hello all,

    <Amaranth Knights> is a guild on Eldre’Thalas-US that is focused on 25M raiding. We formed in the middle of BC, and are still raiding together to this day! However, we are looking to improve our standing, and that is exactly why we want to add friendly and competent raiders to our roster! Raiding isn’t the only thing we do in AK; we run 5M heroics, practice challenge mode runs, kill some cows in BGs, and help each other achieve shiny points!

    Our raid times are from 9:45 to 1:30 EST, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We also do run an optional 10M every Sunday, in the same timeframe. We are currently planning on establishing yet another optional 10M on Mondays if our roster becomes quite sizeable.

    Applicants are required to be aged 18 and above, maintain a 75% attendance rate, learn new fights quickly, adjust their specs/glyphs accordingly, be fully gemmed/enchanted, reforge properly, bring their own flasks and potions, have Ventrilo be installed, strive to perfect their class, and be awesome in general!

    Also, we are recruiting the following:
    • Boomkins
    • Feral Druid
    • Resto Druid
    • Hunters
    • MW Monk
    • WW Monk
    • Holy Paladin
    • Ret Paladin
    • Shamans, any spec

    If you are interested, please check us out at www.amaranthknights.com. If you need more information, please look at our FAQ at http://bit.ly/Uoeaac. You can also send a battletag request to audist#1115, a website PM, in-game mail, or a whisper to Kagari and Immergent. No message will be left unanswered!

    Looking forward to hear from you,
    Kagari, Recruiter of <Amaranth Knights>
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    Updated the OP; do not need spriests and warlocks anymore!

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    Bump; looking to add rdps and heals to add flexibility to our raid comp!

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    We had a successful week of 25Ms last week; we downed Elegon on 25M, and killed Tayak on 10M! We are looking to get Will of the Emperor down, and hit HF harder than we did on 10M!

    Still looking for heals and RDPS to join us in ascending through the ranks.

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    Bump! Our 25M team has cleared MV on normal, and taken down Zorlok. Our 10M is progressing even more further by taking down Garalon. We are slowly but surely climbing through our server rankings, but still need more help in adding more diversity to our composition in the form of RDPS and healers!

    Please see OP for specifics on our needs!

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