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    [a] - Resonance (10 man - Lothar) 5/16 heroic - LF 1 Strong DPS

    Resonance is a semi hardcore progression guild on US-Lothar (Alliance). Our roster consists of players that have been playing together since Wrath of Lich King and earlier. We are laid back, but focused on steady progression through the raid tier. Resonance currently raids 3 nights a week and eventually will move down to 2 nights once the tier is on farm. We raid late for EST so keep that in mind when applying as we expect our raiders to have 90% attendance.

    Raid Schedule : Tue - Thurs, 10:00PM - 2:00 AM (EST TIME!)

    Current Progress
    Normal - MV 6/6, HoF 6/6, TS 4/4
    Heroic - MV 5/6

    Current Openings
    Looking for 1 strong DPS of any class
    Looking for 1 strong tank (DK, Pally, or Warrior)
    Exceptional applicants always welcome to apply.

    Website - http://resonance-lothar.enjin.com/home

    Feel free to add Maeen#1670 or log on to US-Lothar and contact Roccø, Drakten or Maeen in game or through mail if you are interested.

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