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    The Darkfallen. For some reason, I liked having vampires in WoW. But I guess it would have sucked (no pun intended) if they went all Twilight on them.

    General Tiras'alan of the SSO, who died in Theramore.

    Medivh. Man I wish he was around more.

    Infinite Dragonflight. I want a mount of one soooooo bad. Also, I hope that we somehow can still have CoT dungeons or raids. Would love to join Grom and Thrall in killing Mannoroth or something. I would also like to see a CoT that has something to do with Gul'dan.

    Lor'themar Theron...oh wait, he's alive...just neglected. Sorry, couldn't resist
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Those poor auberdine npc's. Was so sad when you first got there after the cataclysm!
    i cried a little when i found the girl you used to gather sea monster parts for... so yeah, i miss her the most. :'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    The Keepers of Lore in Felwood for the epic hunter chain at level 60.
    The first thing i did after the world was redone was to check if they were still there.
    To no avail...
    Made me remember those 4 demons hunters had to fight that would despawn if someone helped them. Ungoro, Silithus, Burning Steppes, and one other place. The one in Burning Steppes, his name did not match his disposition. I had nearly 40k hp on my paladin, and decided to attack him before Cata came out. Thought he would be a pushover since I was 80. He took like 3 swings and I was laid out. I think his name ended with "the nice" or some such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pachycrocuta View Post
    Made me remember those 4 demons hunters had to fight that would despawn if someone helped them. Ungoro, Silithus, Burning Steppes, and one other place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    That would be why. I never encountered the demon in Winterspring. Of course, I never really spent much time there pre-cata.

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    Arko'narin in Felwood

    Demetria in Eastern Plaguelands

    The Dukes in Silithus (Fathoms/Cynders/Shards/Zephyrs)

    Crimson Courier in Eastern Plaguelands

    Goggeroc in Stonetalon

    Lady Hederine in Winterspring

    Lord Arkkoroc in Azshara

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    Tyrion the gnome.

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    Mr. Smite and Edwin VanCleef. I always felt kinda bad for killing Vanessa in Cataclysm. That whole family really got screwed over by the Stormwind nobles.

    Also the elite demons in Winterspring and the couple of rares that could spawn there (Lady Hederine, etc). I spent a lot of time farming in that area back in Vanilla. I got my ass beat the first time I ran into Lady Hederine because I thought she was just the average succubus at first glance and wasn't prepared for what she did. Apparently, plate armor didn't stop that whip from hitting REALLY hard. :|
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drilnos View Post
    Hm, that gnome warlock Niby the Almighty in Felwood who I helped summon El Pollo Grande is gone, at least as far as I could tell. His imp Impsy is still running around up there, so I have to assume Niby met with fowl play at some point.
    niby is in the alliance ICC now, selling warlock t10 lol
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