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    Being the target

    Hi. I am trying to do arenas as shadow priest but i feel to unefficient in some ways. First we seem to be the only caster who needs to cast and that makes life hard for us as expected. When I am geting trained it seems like i cant do anything. Every healer can easily los since they can heal while moving but i cant dmg and since i've used my 3 orbs renders me unable to put pressure on other dude. In 3's i find myself healing my healer more then i spend time to do some dmg. How do you react to be chased or kited ? Doesnt your inside hurts when you spend your orbs to horror. Thanks for answers
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    The thing with 3's is the comp. If you're not playing Godcomp or paring up with someone who has a lot of burst, Warrior, Mage, Warlock, you're going to have a difficult time doing 3's. Melee cleaves will sit you all day, it's going to feel like you're doing nothing, but your contribution is A. Off-healing, B. Coordinated burst. Shadow Priests right now, with 3 orbs DP, + dots, +SF with additional MS or MB procs lined up with another burst DPs class makes for seriously powerful burst. Your comps will never be able to just pop every CD instantly to nuke down a target, you're not a melee cleave. It's a gradual setup, so... you're getting there.

    And I die inside knowing I could have peeled someone with a disarm rather than hoarding my orbs.

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    Work on your Juking, if you can't get VT casts off, you'll go OOM quick and you won't get Mind Spike procs. Unless you're going for a kill and need the extra CC, no point in ever having to 3 orb Horror someone. You will get the same duration on Disarm with just 1-orb.

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    our comp is retri pala, spriest, rdruid. we use all our cc's to protect our healer but he seems to be too fragile againts burst. with coordinated burst as you said we can get someone pretty quick with paladin since they hit like a truck but when i do equal healing to our druid just because he is in danger zone pretty much means our druid cant escape or we cant peel good enough for him ? In 2's do you think it is useless to play with a healer ?

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    OMG do not run a SP with a healer in 2's.....I run with a ret pally and we are just fine. You have the utilities to survive against heavy dps, I have survived long enough for my ret partner to kill one of 2 geared Fury warriors and double arms comps. This is with 20% haste, 57% resi, 20% pvp power. You IMO truly do not have the movement to chase down a healer who is going LOS around pilliars with a let's say warrior slowing you all the time. go with the double hybrid for 2s man, don't waste your time with a healer. 3's would be different. I hear frost mage, SP and resto drood for 3s is awesome.

    Happy PVPing,

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