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    [A]6/6, 6/6, 3/4N 25 W/Sun/Mon 6:30-10:30 LF DPS

    <Crisis Management> is currently recruiting for 25 man content in Mists of Pandaria.

    We have immediate openings for:

    * HUNTER
    * MAGE

    But, as always, all exceptional Applicants will be considered.

    <Crisis Management> is a progression raiding guild who is preparing to hit the newest raiding content in World of Warcraft. We formed up towards the beginning of Wrath, and after cleaning house and maintaining a top rank on the server, we have opened recruitment for the last few spots of our core team. We are looking for top notch players who can be competitive but can also enjoy themselves while clearing content.

    We are currently 6/6, 4/6, 1/4 in 25N and 6/6, 6/6, 3/4 in 10N and looking to fill out our roster for further Progression in MoP!

    What we are looking for:

    * Dedication - we are looking for 85+ percent attendance raiders looking for a new long-term home

    * Situational Awareness - can you do your job without standing in the < insert flame, slime, etc here >

    * Reliability - good gaming system, good internet connection, etc

    * Focus - Our raid schedule is 3 nights a week, yet we expect to clear all content

    * Teamwork - We want to build a team that plays for each other, enjoys the challenges and the successes together. We consider every raider a key part of our team - in return we are looking for raiders who value the success of the team as a vital part of their own success in raiding

    Our Raid Schedule:

    * Wednesday 6:30pm-10:30pm

    * Sunday 6:30pm-10:30pm

    * Monday 6:30pm-10:30pm

    * Occasionally we will add days or extend times depending on Progression needs at the time.
    Note that all times are Server Time (MST).

    Please contact us at http://www.crisisguild.com or Contact Tinan ([email protected]) in game.
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