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    Shadow and PVP Power..still the best?

    So whats the state of PVP power for Shadow priests? Will we want Power or Int/Resil gems more after the change?

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    Pretty sure you are referring to the PvP power additional healing change. To be honest I don't even think it is planned to hit live today. But imo theorycrafting for that kind of gem switch is best left to running around and testing it yourself. At current gear levels, int might be comparable if you include the healing gain as a plus. Later on, I don't think we can pass up the flat percentage gain however. This might limit the comps we can play unfortunately.

    Edit: It was changed today. Fuck
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    I for one, am glad they nerfed the healing for hybrids DPS specs. They're going to have to give them other survivability tools or everyone is going to end up switching to a Mage or a Warrior.
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