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    Christmas Caroling

    I was recently watching a movie, and at one point in the movie Christmas carolers showed up at the door and were singing. Does this happen any more? I never seen Christmas carolers before. I have heard of them but never had someone show up on my door step.

    So my question is this, have you had a Christmas caroling experience. Or were you part of a group of carolers? Please share experiences. This is just one tradition of Christmas I never seen or experienced and was curious as to others experiences with this. Hollywood seems to love carolers, many holiday films have carolers in them.

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    I have never seen door-to-door carolers, but I have seen them outside stores, restaurants or in parks and such. There was a group of them in fine dress last night outside of a Whole Foods.

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    I've never seen them in my entire life either, not even on the street.

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    I think it depends on the size of the community, the tightness of said community and the perceived safety of the area. I think carolling is more common in smaller communities like villages and stuff. I have been in carol singing groups and had them come by my house when I lived out in more rural, quiet villages but I haven't seen any since I started living in urban towns.

    I always used to love being in the Chistingle services as a kid in my school choir though. Pretty much the only time of year when the songs were good and the atmosphere even better.

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    We have them where I live in the UK. Usually they come in the evening, about a week before xmas. The group stay at the gates and one person comes up and rings the doorbell. It is a nice thing to hear and see!

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    i had them at my house once living in a small town in western australia.
    i once saw a big group of them on the back of a truck driving around a residential suburb, WTF.
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