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    [H] Amicus (4/16H, 16/16N 10 Man) 2 days/week

    Who we are
    Amicus is a 10-man raiding guild on the European server Kazzak. We have been clearing all 10 man heroic content since TotC. We formed on Frostmane, migrated to Haomarush at the end of WotLK and ended up on Kazzak in early Cataclysm.

    Our goal is progression but we also like to maintain a social attitude. As most of us have real life commitments like school and jobs we only raid two nights a week. That said, due to having a more relaxed raiding schedule our raids have to be of a very high standard and every one of our raiders has to perform to the highest level.

    This is how we’ve approached raiding for over 2 years:

    A flavor of our raiding style, our kill videos (and some fail/funny moments) can be found here: (Cataclysm videos can be found at Nelari100's channel)

    What we expect from you
    Being a semi-hardcore guild we require our raiders to be at the top of their game. On the other hand, we also value friendship and we want to get to know you; the person behind the character.

    We raid only 2 nights/week, we expect you to be the expert on your class and actively work on min/maxing to get the most out of the few hours we are raiding. You are to prepare for every raid and are able to execute tactics without the officers holding hands. Real life events come up and we accept that. Communication is key!

    We highly value our little community and we expect you to become part of the Amicus-community. We encourage ventrilo participation during raids, and we actively use our forums to discuss tactics internally, post any updates regarding the guild, and for off topic conversing.

    Your input and opinion is valued. If you feel something can be done differently or better - you're expected to speak up about it. How we run things is a result of everyone's input and thoughts, and we highly encourage you to help shape the guild into something even better.

    Raiding schedule
    As mentioned, we only raid twice a week, focusing on quality over quantity.

    Monday 19.15 - 23.00
    Wednesday 19.15 - 23.00

    Raid times are sometimes extended a bit past 23.00 to push for a kill, however, this is only the case if everyone participating is okay with it.

    Classes open for recruitment
    For an always up to date status about our recruitment, check our profile at

    If your class or spec is not listed here feel free to apply if you feel that you would be an exceptional asset to our roster. We also keep recruitment open during trial periods, so if we have a trial of your class in, you're still encouraged to apply.

    How to apply
    To apply to Amicus you will need to register an account on our forum. Once you have done so you can submit an application at An Officer will let you know the result of your application as soon as possible via the forums or in-game if applicable.

    Good luck!

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    dan the fire hugger bump

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    Remkoko the totem lover

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    Dan the 'I'm so good at this...dies' bump

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    Remko the "oops the floor disappered" bump

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    Sorry, Dan the Flanking Orders hugger

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    Hehe remko i just watched that steam, i turn on deterence and turn it off just before i got hit, real pro

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    have a nice weekend everyone

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