Hi all

Right now I am full dreadful gear, with 3 off pieces of Conquest and full conquest weapons (on rogue, warrior and dk). I am slow pvper and gain conquest just by doing random bgs each week till 1800 cap on the three. My question is what should I do to upgrade gear? I am thinking for conquest ignore upgrading weapons and my random conquest gear and just slowly still upgrade the dreadful into conquest gear, this seems to be the higher gain for me? I was thinking of then upgrading all my dreadful with honor points and just slowly still build my conquest gear, does this seem the best plan?

I dont think spending 1500 on weapons right now would be a big improvement compared to purchasing at least one real conquest gear upgrade each week over the dreadful, but on the same hand upgrading the dreadful by honor points is a good upgrade since Ive been capped for 5 weeks now.

Just wondering what people in non full mal gear are planning to do, I have seen some people upgrade their mal weapons first before they have full mal gear and just thought that might be a waste?

Thanks for any suggestions and sorry for all the posts.