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    This is how we do it and it works out well.

    Have your tanks tank him where he grabs the weapon (staff?).

    Melee stay behind him til a few seconds before draw flame (use big wigs timers).

    Ranged stack either in the center or off to the right of the centre part.

    When someone gets the spark debuff they run off to the LEFT side of the arena (opposite side youre stacking on) and drop it away from the raid, this also means youre less likely to have fire in the middle in P3 where the centre is the easiest place to tank for logistical purposes. Our healers help out here, our holy priest drops either Angelic Feathers or Body and Souls the spark target.

    Make sure your tank is timing the drop of the shield correctly on the first and third draw flames if they miss a couple it can be the difference between a wipe and getting into the third phase.

    You HAVE to heal through at least one draw flame (the second one), at this point everyone should stack on the boss and healers should use cooldowns liberally, try to avoid dumping CDs all at once. Piggy back them as needed. Your raiders should also use personal defensive CDs, potions and lock candy as required to assist your healers.

    We generally lust just after the second draw flame is cast as it gives our healers a bit of an edge and allows the dps to blow away the last part of his HP going into the transition.

    If your DPS isnt able to transition him before a 4th draw flame is cast you have DPS issues. Make sure your reflect tank is stealing the flame spear attack and using it on the boss for extra DPS, this ups our tanks DPS by a fair margin.
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    Thank you all again for your input. I'm setting up our logs tonight, and I'll let you all know how it goes this weekend. All your suggestions have been noted and will be applied toward our raid.

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    Update on our progress:

    Sunday evening was a great night for our raid group, with ease, we pushed through 4/6 ending on Spirit Kings.

    I'd like to thank you all for your help and advice, it really did help.

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    Thank you for letting us know! I enjoyed how positive this thread has been, and I'm eager to hear future tales of your progression.

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