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    Feral druid Amber Shaper Un'Sok question

    Hey guys!

    I'm wondering what it is that puts so feral druids at the top of dps for parses given for Amber Shaper Un'sok. Afaik and from my own exp (having only done up to p2) of Amber Shaper the constant target swapping between the boss/mced/globs this hurts our dps since druids aren't that great with "cleaving" unless they're grouped up for swipe.

    I'd appreciate any tips on how to improve my deeps for this fight. I plan to symbiosis the warlock in my group for soul swap and swipe when I see 3 or more targets close together (assuming priority is on one of those mobs) but other than that I'm a little baffled as to how fdruids are performing so well.

    Here are the statistics to what I'm referring to: http://www.raidbots.com/dpsbot/Amber-Sh ... 0/default/

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    I haven't done the actual fight outside lfr, so my opinion is probably useless, but from what i read you get posesed or whatever that is called and get to control amber construct, which has some dps abilities. So when you look up lets say 10man normal on wol for kitties youd see that highest damaging abilities are smash and amber strike. Couple this all with any posible meter padding and you will get those high numbers.

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    Ya take advantage when you get reshape life, your construct actually does a lot of damage when he melee swings and his amber strike hits pretty hard. A lot of your damage will come from that. As the last poster mentioned, a lot of people pad and do things to achieve those numbers, so try to look at the logs of what ferals within the same dps range of each other pull.
    For ferals/guardians, for some reason I think crit transfers to the construct which allows us to crit a lot more w/ amber strike and smash versus other classes might. This might contribute to our higher damage done while in the construct. At least that is what I noticed as a guardian for the fight.

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    Looking at a few logs, it looks like our melee speed in constructs is much faster than other classes, probably due to cat form's weapon speed (since we keep our forms in the constructs). Where others may swing about once every 1.6s, kitties are swinging about once every .8s.

    In other words, it looks like kitties benefit more than others from the main meter-padding effect of the encounter.
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    I've been pulling high numbers on heroic due to the fact im allowed to tunnel the target with the dmg buff, throwing in a few trashes in now and then onto the ads means a pretty high dps, i think on our kill i was only 2nd to combustion spreading mages.

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    The only way to get high parses in that fight is to get as much reshapes as possible. I think i had 50% uptime in our kill and got reshaped 3 times in a row with the transition into p3. 250k dps

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